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I haven't given audio books another try since the non-fiction one I listened to sometime in Spring. It was not a good experience but I think it was because it was a non-fiction book. I get the feeling I'd prefer to listen to an actual story. I'm a Maisie fan as well so maybe I should give this audio book a try.


I'm interested in finding out what you think of "America's Hidden History." I teach American Lit, which also means I have to teach a lot of American history, and one way to keep kids interested, especially in the pre-Revolutionary period, is to come up with stories they haven't heard.

Margaret Powling

All Jacqueline Winspear's Maisie Dobbs books are cracking good reads, I'd recommend them to anyone, but the first two are, IMO, the best. Jacqueline might now live in America, but she describes the county of Kent extremely well.


I certainly don't mind your going on to the details of Maisie Dobbs, whom I have never heard of. Now I'm off to search for the series and hopefully will include a couple for the read-a-thon. :)

Dorothy W.

How fun listening to Maisie Dobbs! I think it's a great idea to listen to books you've already read -- it's a fabulous way to "reread" things. I "reread" all of Jane Austen that way a few years back. It was fabulous.


Iliana--When I first tried audio books years ago I didn't like them at all, though it was books on audio tape. I think if you get a good reader it can make all the difference whether you'll like a book or not (or the experience of being read to). Try some fiction--you might like that better!
J.D.--I need to read more American Lit and history, so I am looking forward to the Davis audio to help ease my way in. It sounded like the more nontraditional sort of history. I think I'll enjoy it and will post more about it here. I think I may listen to it next after the Bradbury!
Margaret--I wonder what part of England she's originally from. I'm glad to hear her descriptions are accurate, though I'm not surprised! I loved listening to the first book again and can't wait to get to all of them.
Matt--I love the Maisie Dobbs books--you're in for a treat. And they should be pretty quick reads, too. They're not overly long, but they have lots of great detail.
Dorothy--I think I do like rereading this way. You sort of get a different sense of the story by listening. I think sometimes some passages come more alive hearing them than they did when the words were only read. I plan on listening to more classics that I've already read (I didn't mention but I also have The Great Gatsby and I will probably load The Awakening, too!).


I have a terrible memory when listening to things. I am a much more visual person. Maisie Dobbs is on my list to read but I don't mind the details at all.


Jaimie--I'm also more visual. I don't mind listening in this case, since I already had read the book. I choose my audio books carefully, though I've yet to see how listening to nonfiction will go.

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