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Dorothy W.

Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm glad you're okay and that the damage wasn't worse, but still, it sounds like a royal pain! I hope the cleaning up goes well.


When I heard the news this morning about the horrible storms that hit your area I thought of you. How awful. Your husbands truck, the trees and of course your beautiful flowers. I'm only glad you got home in time - can you imagine being caught outside in those horrible winds and hail. Ouch. Glad you are okay.


Wow, that is complete craziness! I'm glad you're alright. I am sorry to hear about the damage.


What carnage. Those poor flowers, they were so pretty! At least no people got hurt, and the plants will grow again. It looks like a lot of cleaning up work! Good luck.


Oh, no! That's a shame. Good luck with getting everything straightened out.

Linda Gillard

Sorry to hear how you suffered in the appalling weather. It must have been quite frightening. Glad to hear you're ok.


I'm sorry. Isn't it amazing what hail and wind can do? So sad to see trees down, and dealing with the insurance is usually no fun. I wish you luck and patience over the next days as you deal with this.

Nancy Dwinell

Wow! Sorry to hear about these awful storms. We've had pretty blah weather but nothing like this.Glad you're okay but what a mess. Nancy D. in NY


Gosh that's a real mess! Glad you're okay though and hope the cleaning up doesn't take too long.


How awful. At least the books are OK! ;)


Thanks to everyone for the kind words and concern. Things are definitely looking better, but after all went and rained again tonight!!
Dorothy--I't been a while since I've had to take cover in a basement, but it was pretty freaky this time around, so along with my niece, her little cousin and my sister in law we sat it out downstairs. A lot of the clean up is started/done, but we have lots of pieces of tree to cart away tomorrow.
Brenda--Usually storms don't bother me too much, but this would *not* have been a pleasant one to be out walking in. I would have been drenched and battered and I hate to think what would have happened to my bag of library books!
Andi--My mom and I were just commenting today what a totally crazy summer this has been so far--very out of the ordinary for a variety of reasons! I want to get back to normal!
Jeane--It could have been a lot worse. Lots of people had downed trees--we saw loads of them when were were out doing errands earlier. It's very sad really to see so much destruction. And the worst part of the storm didn't even last ten minutes I bet.
Rebecca--Thanks. The clean up has started, but I've yet to talk to my insurance agent. I'm dreading that!
Linda--This was a bad one. We've had such an abnormally stormy spring and summer this year--it's really sort of bizarre. I don't mind rain, but this was just over the top.
Cam--Thanks. What a way to spend a weekend. I'm already tired of seeing green leaves all over yards and sidewalks. I keep tracking them into the house. I've already learned that I need to be patient--not matter how many times I call the insurance company...the office is closed until Monday. I had this hope they might come in over the weekend since the storm was so bad. Their answering machine was even full early this morning, so I'm not alone.
Nancy--It's been really wet here, too. I don't mind it--don't have to water the lawn--but I am getting tired of all the bad weather. Now I am going to be in fear every time it rains that the rest of the trees will snap. I hope not!
Cath--Thanks. The cleaning up has already started and things look better. Now to deal with the truck.
Sylvia--I had to think the same thing actually! :) I thought my husband would be very mad when he saw his truck when he got home from work, but he really took it all in stride. I know I would *not* have been so calm if my books were trashed.


My goodness me, those photos are absolutely incredible! We have all been looking at them here in disbelief and with lots of sympathy. So very glad, though, that you were safe and warm indoors and that you can stay that way since the power is still on. Honestly, I go away for a week and look what happens! Take care and good luck getting your yard back to normal...

Margaret Powling

The power of Nature ... what a mess it has created in your garden, but thank goodness you and your husband are unharmed.


We lost power for several hours last night. It was annoying but once it came back on and I watched the news I realized we were lucky to have only lost power. Many people in our area had damage much like you. Don't you just love summer storms? Is it just me or has this been a very stormy spring and summer in the Midwest?


Ohhh...I'm so sorry. :(


I'm really sorry about the weather and the damages it made to your plants and the backyard. I hope it won't happen again and from now on you'll be enjoying only sunny days (with some occasional light showers at night so that your plants can be watered) :)


Litlove--Yeah, we like to keep things pretty exciting around here...things are starting to look a bit more normal. I'll be happy to get my windows replaced and hopefully dealing with the insurance company won't be too painful. Thanks for your concern! :)
Margaret--Nature does deserve a capital N when it acts like that! Yes, we were lucky no one was hurt!!
Jeannette--What's up with this weird weather? I wish it would stop raining for a while and let things dry out! I'm not sure how we managed to keep our power on, but I was thankful for that. I guess some people won't get it back until this weekend!
Eva--Things looked pretty awful on Friday, but people have really been cleaning up. I'll be happy to see that debris gone from my yard!
Chihiro--Light showers would be perfect. I wonder who I can talk to to arrange that?! :) We really do need some sunny days to dry things out, though. I think the ground has been so saturated and trees so wet, it was easy for the wind to just uproot some of them!


Oh no! How terrible! Glad you are safe though. It's odd the things that survive storms unscathed. Your mini grill is leading a charmed life. Hope things have settled down and you are getting the dry, sunny weather we are getting in MN


Stefanie--And the mini grill even was put to use on Saturday night. What's bizarre is that it didn't even get knocked over yet I had windows break! I think we have sunshine to look forward to for a few days at least. I'm dreading the next rainy day, though, which is sad since I've always loved rainy days. I guess it's the stormy ones I'll have to be leery of!


I saw some images of this storm on tv - I'm glad you are fine! There was a similar storm where I work about a month ago - when I arrived the next morning there was still piles of hail, and the entire grounds of the hospital were covered with shredded leaves - similar to your photo above. Powerful nature.

Carl V.

I am so sorry to hear about/see the damage. This has been some spring for storms, hasn't it? I couldn't believe all the water in Iowa that was along I-29 when we came up to Nebraska this past weekend. It is so sad to see. Glad you are alright, which is the most important thing.


Tara--I don't think I've ever seen such a bad summer storm with so many green leaves down-it was horrible to look at and we had hail still in piles the next day (in summer!!). And it's barely July.
Carl--Flooding has been really bad in Iowa. It seems to rain at least once or twice a week here (if not more). I hate the heat, but I don't want this either. And yes, the most fortunate thing is everyone has been safe--thankfully!!

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