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Dorothy W.

Nothing wrong with being a shallow novel reader! (Although that's not really what you are of course...). Those are interesting choices -- I'm interested in the Gissing, and in the Burney, naturally!


The unsuggester listed several shopaholic novels so it got that right, but it also included Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and I own several books by each of them.

I would hardly call you a shallow in any way!


That's a fun LT feature I had forgotten about. It's also not very good. My top ten made me wrinkle my nose rather than smile in agreement. Anais Nin? Ptooey.

Lyn Baines

I've read nearly all the suggested titles except the Burney & Ferguson (which I want to read) and the O'Brien which doesn't interest me. As we have lots of reading interests in common Dani, I'd say it's a pretty good list. The Lively is one of my favourites of hers. I can remember reading it at work years ago wishing my lunchbreak was longer. I think it's OP but I recently found a cheap secondhand copy which I bought because I'd like to read it again. Actually, I'd like to read quite a few PLs again. I love the way she uses time & history in her books.

Mark Thwaite

Ooh, read the Gissing! It's wonderful. A lovely self-aware novel about how novel reading and writing was changing in the late 19th C. and how writing for money was becoming an "acceptable" profession. Stands up remarkably well. A gem.


Not shallow. Perpetual chick-lit reader would be shallow.

A shallow reader wouldn't go through the hoops that you do to get quality reads.

You just like harder fiction.

Margaret Powling

Lively is an excellent novelist but personally, I enjoyed her earlier novels to her later ones and I've not read the one you've mentioned, Cleopatra's Sister. I have also heard Lively speak at Dartington's Lit Fest, Ways With Words (several years ago) and she is also a magnicently, fluent speaker. I still think her first novel, The Road to Lichfield (and which I THINK was a Booker Prize nomination), is my favourite.

Simon T

I love the idea of unsuggestions! I haven't put enough books on my LibraryThing account to make it worthwhile, though. Your suggestions seem pretty spot on - I started Camilla once, and had to return it to the library, but it was great for the first 100 pages!

Ann Darnton

I found I'd read nearly all their top suggestions for me before I joined Library Thing, which would suggested they've got me taped nicely. I didn't think to look at their non-suggestions, though. I must go and investigate.


Cool! The Home Maker and The Brontes Went to Woolworths are also on my top 10 rec. list. My unrec. list has a lot of religion and sci fi. Interesting it has the paperback boxed set of Harry Potter books 1-6 - and I own all the books in hardcover. Thanks for pointing out the unrec. list!


LT also had the paperback Harry Potters unrec'ed to me and I own them all in hardcover-- as well as one in paperback. Weird.

Definitely read the Gissing and the Patrick O'Brian. I've heard some suggest starting with Post Captain--it's the most Jane Austen-y of the bunch.


Dorothy--I was just kidding with the 'shallow'--though I think novel reading has sort of had that reputation. I love my novels and have no intention of giving them up! :) I think both the Gissing and Burney sound good, too. Have you read the Burney?
Stefanie--Thank you. I think I'm more or less not very shallow at all. LT did pretty well with my suggestions, though they weren't very varied. Strange that they listed books you own in your unsuggestor--something went wrong there!
Imani--I think you're right. I suppose it's like the Amazon function where you order one book and then they suggest every other book that author wrote--which is not really very helpful. I think the Gissing is the only really original suggestion they gave me!
Lyn--We do share very similar tastes and I appreciate all the book ideas you've given me! I've not read any Penelope Lively, but I do plan on reading something this year. My library has Cleopatra's Sister and it is now sitting on my desk at work. I think nearly all the suggestions they gave me are good ones!
Mark--Thanks for the recommendation. I think I will indeed order it! I love anything about novel reading!!
Isabel--I don't think there is anything wrong with novel reading (despite what they used to say about women and novel reading and how it made mush of our brains--LOL). I think most books I choose are pretty good, though I do get in the occasional comfort read.
Margaret--My library has her first novel,and it is now sitting on my desk at work (along with Cleopatra's Sister). I'm not sure when I can fit it in, so I'll leave it there for the time being. I've heard that same 'criticism' that her earlier work is better than her later stuff. I look forward to giving her a try.
Simon--Camilla is a pretty long one, isn't it? Something like 900 pages? I think I'll try Evelina first, but Camilla sounds good, too!
Ann--There suggestions for me were pretty good, too (at least they matched my tastes). I haven't any idea how they come up with those unsuggestions, though they're right--I'm not likely to ever buy any of the titles they listed!
Tara--How weird, I also had Harry Potter on my unsuggestion list further down--though in actuality I own (and have read) all of them! I'd definitely like to try the Home-Maker, and the Brontes book was great!
Susan--Perhaps that's why they suggested Post Captain. I think I only have the first Aubrey/Maturin book and do plan on reading it someday! I had the same thing happen with HP. Maybe they figure if you don't already own it, you never will? And I plan on getting the Gissing.


I love the unsuggestions. Having a quick glance at that list, I wonder whether they haven't just picked out books that wouldn't appear on many people's wish lists at all! And Penelope Lively is fabulous. But start with Moon Tiger first.


The Brontes Went to Woolworths - I can't tell you how much I'm intrigued by that title!

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