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Your poor little ecosystem! Looks like quite a mess you had to clean up. Hope you kick that headache soon and the computer speeds itself up for you!

Dorothy W.

I hope you're feeling better today! Sorry about all the clean-up work and the headache. Hopefully the week will get back to normal quickly.


Megan--I'm lucky my computer is moving even at a slow pace. I'm expecting it to die any day now. I'm planning on buying a new computer soon--just haven't quite decided. Am much better now--thanks!
Dorothy--I think I've been stressing out over everything, but things are better today, thanks. I'm actually glad to have a normal work week to concentrate on now.


I feel for you!

Everyone is probably in shock. I hope that you didn't have to go to work on Monday.


Oh all those poor trees! Hope your headache is gone Danielle. It's hard to read when you aren't feeling well. I did finish Glimpses of the Moon but I'm trying to catch up on a bunch of stuff so hopefully I'll post/discuss soon.


Danielle, I hope you were able to get through to the insurance company today and that they'll soon be sending you a big check.

I'm sorry you had to go through all this. Weather is wicked.


Do you have a fireplace you could save all that wood for so it's not a total and complete loss? Hope the headache is gone are you are feeling better.


Isabel--I know I can do without any storms for a while!! I did go to work, but it was actually a nice change of scene!
Iliana--I feel much better today. And I am only about 50 pages away from finishing the Wharton--not sure I'll get it done today, but definitely tomorrow!
Susan--We've been so lucky--never any problems with the house and weather. I've finally talked to the insurance today and they're sending an adjustor to look at the property. The car is handled separately, and they still need to call me. I just hope they cover the damage. We've never used the home insurance in over ten years (but we've paid in plenty!). And they had better pay for my husband's truck--I'll be the one to suffer hearing him complain (and rightly so) otherwise!!
Stefanie--Unfortunately not. Poor tree. It'll go to a recycling center at least. At the moment most of the limbs and trunk are sitting on our curb (and several of my neighbors are in the same situation). But my headache is at least gone and I have a short work week ahead of me too--the upside! :)

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