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Dorothy W.

I agree with you about the women authors thing -- they certainly could have done better. I wonder how many women were included in the 100 stories and how many female English professors were asked for their opinion. That might be revealing!


I had to read A Thurber Carnival the summer before my junior in high school (20 years ago!), and I remember really enjoying it. I remember catching my dad reading it, too. :-)

Terry Finley

Thanks for this great article.


I'll have to look for this story. I still laugh when reading his "My Life and Hard Times"!


Dorothy--I was wondering those things myself. I would love to see who made the initial 100 list. I wonder what the list would have looked like with a woman editor!
Somer--I think this story was published in that book. I wouldn't mind getting it. I'd love to see his cartoons now, too. I like his style of humor.
Terry--Thanks. I see from your site that you are a fan of short stories as well. I've never really been a short story reader, but now that I am making a point of reading more of them I am finding that I enjoy them immensely!
Rebecca--I think if you google, you can find this one online. I need to try and find more of his work--I really enjoyed this!


How interesting! I'd heard of James Thurber but never knew what his writing was like. You educate me as usual, Danielle!


Litlove--He's very entertaining, you should give him a try.

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