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I've never read any of Parker's work. Thanks for the motivation!


Andi--So many authors, so little time, eh. That's the beauty of short stories, you can fit in just a little taste if nothing else.


I am happy that you made a new discovery with Dorothy Parker.

I just finished reading a short story Sunstroke and Other Stories by Tessa Hadley.

I will review it soon. Maybe another one to add to your must-read pile.
(Sorry about that!)


What a great story! It sounds like something I would love to read! Another to add to my ever growing pile!


I have The Portable Dorothy Parker waiting patiently for me on my bookshelf. I have to get to it. One of the handful of poems that I've memorized is Parker's 'Resume', which although dark, always cracks me up.

Dorothy W.

I've never read Dorothy Parker either -- maybe one short story a long time ago, but I really can't remember. I'm glad you enjoyed her work, and I'll have to add her to the mile-long list!


Isabel--A new author to discover! Actually I am happy to find out about good short story writers and look forward to your review. In the meantime I'll see if my library has her work!
Jaimie--It's overwhelming all the good stories and books out there, isn't it! Everything sounds so good and I want to read it all! :)
Jmfausti--I'll look and see if this poem is in the collection (isn't the Portable Dorothy Parker great?!). Thanks for leaving a comment--your link was broke on my blogroll and I wondered where you had disappeared to--I will add you back again! :)
Dorothy--I've only heard of her by reputation and I always feel like I should know more than the little things I hear. I love her witty remarks--there are some good things in this "Portable" collection!


Parker is a wonderful, wonderful writer. I have a short Modern Library collection of her stories, and some of her conversations make me laugh out loud.


Ella--Her wit was really amazing. I wish I could be snappy like she was. It is nice to finally know what "what fresh hell is this' refers to! I'm looking forward to reading more of her work!


Hiya just wondering where the reference came from
"Dorothy Parker's reputation as one of the wittiest women of the twentieth century was made on tart quotes and agile one liners."

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