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I have the same problem with short stories, and have only just finished Grace Paley's Collected Stories. I've had it on the go since about February! I'm trying to make more of an effort to get into the habit of them, but I find it takes a slightly different mind set to read them. They always seem to end just as I'm getting into the stride of them.


Life Stories was my Katrina evacuation book. It took me a month to read it and I barely remember anything. I need to pick it up again. She's a great writer.

I like the bush on the Kipling cover. The English do try to tame nature, don't they?

Good for you for reading Wave me goodbye in order. I probably wouldn't do so.

Terry Finley

Thanks for the post.

Short stories are alive
and well.


One of my reading goals for the year was to read more short stories, but I've not been very successful. I'll read several and then I won't read another one for quite a while.

Carl V.

I am so glad that you once again mentioned Wave Me Goodbye as I remember thinking the first time I saw it that I should order it for my wife. It is on my Amazon wishlist now, thanks!

Dorothy W.

I have a novel of Rose Macaulay's that I would like to read sometime, soon preferably. I've heard wonderful things about her (mostly from Emily at Telecommuter Talk). I'm glad to hear her story was good.

Tania Hershman/The Short Review

Lovely to find a blog post talking about short stories! If you're interesting in finding more collections to read, come and visit The Short Review, we review short story collections and anthologies, new and old, with author interviews and more.
Happy reading!


I must confess that I don't read a lot of short stories, but Wave Me Goodbye sounds great. I've added it to my TBR list!


Kirsty--I think I've had the Vreeland book started for months now, too. I don't mind the quickness of the story, but I know what you mean. I just need to get in the habit of putting one of my collections in my bookbag each day!
Isabel--I think you had other things on your mind during Katrina, so no surprise you don't remember much. The English do try and tame their gardens--I think the cover of this is lovely, though. It's weird, however, as all th stories so far have been in India, which to my mind can't be so lush and green! And I tend to be very weird about books and reading things in order...I need to loosen up a bit.
Terry--I a recent convert to short stories, but I'm glad I found them at last!!
Lisa--I do the same thing, which is why I try and make a point to post each Sunday on short stories, as I then am in the habit!
Carl--I think used copies can be had very cheaply. I highly recommend the anthology!
Dorothy--I've not read her before this either. The story was excellent and I'd like to read her other fiction now as well (glad to hear Emily recommends her). I think I have one of her novels in a Virago edition.
Tania--Thanks so much for the link. I will definitely check it out as I am always looking for new and interesting collections or stories!
Marg--Definitely take a look at this collection. I think if I wasn't into short stories I would still like this! If you are at all interested in the WWII era I think you would like it even if you aren't a short story reader.


Once you finish the Vreeland book I hope you'll post on your favorite stories from it. I loved The Crayon.. I believe that was the title. It was just such a bittersweet story.
And, I'm so glad you mentioned that Boston collection again. I remember when you posted on it before but I need to remember to put this on my wish list. It sounds so good.


Iliana--Wave Me Goodbye IS good! I highly recommend it and I think used copies are pretty cheap. Both collections are really good and I enjoy then When I pick them up!! I'll post about both when I finish them.


I'm not sure about the quoted remark that says Rose Macaulay was dying of cancer in 1942. Her lover Gerald O'Donovan died of cancer in that year, but she lived until 1958.


Michael--Thanks for the information--I may have misquoted or the actual quote might have been wrong. I will need to look into that and fix it!

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