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I thought High Society in the Regency Period by Venetia Murray was informative and readable. I also have, but haven't read, The Wickedest Age by Alan Lloyd and London's Pleasures by David Kerr Cameron, both of which are supposed to be quite good. It took me ages to track them down so I was thrilled to get them.

And you're making me want to pick up and read Lady of Quality now - it's absolutely one of my favourite Heyers. I must recommend Sylvester to you as well... probably my favourite Heyer though I also love The Black Sheep and Frederica.


I read this one years ago and have forgotten the details - but I know I loved it. I also read a biography of Georgette Heyer (alas, I've forgotten who wrote it!) which was fascinating about the meticulous research she undertook, particularly into the current slang of the times.


Can you tell me your favourite Heyer book so far? I tried to read Bath Tangle and thought I would absolutely love it because of my addiction to all things Bath (and this time period) but I just couldn't get into it at all. I would like to try another Heyer novel but am just not sure where to go??

Nancy Dwinell

Hi Dani, Like Karen, I'd like to hear your recommendation. I've picked up and put down Georgette Heyer books several times, never sure that I'd like them. I think I'm put off by the fact that they're in the Romance section at my B&N and that's not a genre I usually enjoy. I love the period and the settings though so I'd like to know which novel would be a good start. Thanks, Nancy


I've got a Georgette Heyer book giveaway going on at my blog, and this is one of the many books that can be won, if you or any of your readers are interested!



Cath--I'm glad to hear you liked the Murray book. I am enjoying it as well. I only went looking for the link and started reading reviews and was surprised to see several that were very negative saying the facts were incorrect. I didn't know what to think, which is why I mentioned it here. I still plan on reading it. To be honest I don't know a lot about the period, so I'm not sure I would even know if she had a wrong date or something and considering how well (not!) I remember details, I'm not sure it matters. I do think it will be a fun read to get an overview! Thanks for the other suggestions--I will look for them! I will watch for those other Heyers you mention. I'm just reading them as they come out, though I do now have a pile of about five to choose from. I think Frederica is coming out later this year and have heard from others as well that it's good! I'll definitely look for that one.
Litlove--I will have to track down that bio--I think I've seen it listed on Amazon. Yes, she certainly knew the slang! I wonder if the average person really used all that?!

Dorothy W.

I'm curious about her mysteries -- it would be fun to get a hold of them and see how they compare! I do like reading Heyer too, and this one was a particular favorite -- the first of hers I've read, actually.


Karen--I've only read three so far--An Infamous Army, Cotillion and Lady of Quality. An Infamous Army is more historical fiction with a dash of romance as it is about the Battle of Waterloo. My favorites so far are Lady of Quality and An Infamous Army, though Cotillion was good, too (very fluffy). Lady of Quality is also set in Bath--maybe it would be worth a try?
Nancy--They do have an element of romance to them, but I'm not sure I would consider them straight romances (some of the titles perhaps more than others). My B&N has copies in fiction and in the romance sections. I'm not a romance reader either--I prefer historical fiction with a dash of romance thrown in, which is what I consider Heyer's work. You might try An Infamous Army as it is more to do with the Battle of Waterloo (though I warn you it is very detailed) that straightforward romance. I think I liked Lady of Quality so much, too, as the heroine is older. I think a lot of libraries carry her work (even the newly reissued copies), so check one out and give it a try. They're generally very light reading.
Lezlie--Thanks very much--that's very kind of you to let us know! :)
Dorothy--I've heard her mysteries are cozy mysteries. I do have one that I got from the UK--I should pull it out and read it as my next mystery as I'm curious about them, too. Lady of Quality was fun--it would easy to be hooked if this was your first Heyer, I think.


I'm a little jealous that you always seem to come up with a million great reads that I've never even heard of! Of course, all the more reason I love coming here.

Carl V.

Isn't it great to have 'light and comforting' books to go to when you really need them? I certainly have a stack of old favorites plus new books that fit that bill and are there for just when I need them to be.


I've found a few of her books at sales (mostly mysteries), and really enjoyed them. I'll have to look for these reprints! For similar books I would recommend Jane Aiken Hodge. My absolute favorite was Watch the Wall My Darling (smugglers!), but Polonaise and Shadow of a Lady are also quite good.


Jordan--Sometimes it almost seems overwhelming all the books out there that we've never heard of, doesn't it?!
Carl--I think sometimes I read more comfort reads than anything else, but they're so entertaining. I also have a nice good pile of them close by, however!
Rebecca--I'm not sure if I've heard of this author before. Anybody like Georgette Heyer has to be good, and I can't wait to try her mysteries. I wish Sourcebook would publish them sooner than next year. Thanks for the book suggestions--I'm off to look them up.


I haven't read another since Infamous Army and keep telling myself I must read another Heyer book. I really liked that one and was kind of surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I do have a couple of her other books waiting for me and I must get to them :)


I've just read my second Heyer and am also having to restrain myself from reading them all in one go. They are such fun! Lady of Quality sounds great.


Iliana--I was surprised by how much I enjoyed her books, too. It's nice to have a few on hand to pick up when you're in the mood!
Eloise--I wanted to pick up another right away when I finished my last one, too. There are lots to choose from, though, so I'm trying to pace myself! :) Lady of Quality is a definite recommended book!

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