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Years ago, when I lived in Portland, I found a copy of Testament of Friendship at Powells books, along with many other difficult to find Vera Brittain titles. It was a good day! :-)


I haven't read anything by her but I listened to the dramatised version of The Crowded Street a few months ago on BBC 4. It was such a clever story, especially the end which I'm sure must have been quite controversial when it was published. I can't wait to read the book. I still have the MP3 files if you want them, just say the word ^^

Bride of the Book God

I hope you find a copy of Testament of Friendship; I read it when I was a student and found it very moving.


I LOVED South Riding, and I'm reading The Crowded Street at the moment. I think she may be one of my new favourite authors...

Dorothy W.

I liked that quote about the right side of 30! How sad that she died young -- she sounds like an interesting figure.


She sounds like an interesting person and that last quote was inspired. Age is such a strange thing, isn't it? I hope you had a Happy 4th of July, Danielle. It is good to be back!


Jeanette--Lucky you! I've never been to Powell's but I bet it's wonderful! I've got V. Brittain's Testament to Youth and one of her novels, but I'll be on the lookout for the bio, too!
Sibylle--I'd love the MP3 file--that sounds great! Other than this short story, I've yet to read any of her work. Thanks for the offer--I'll email you this week about it! :)
Bride of the Book God--I think there are some used copies out there that aren't too pricey. I'm glad to hear you liked it.
Kaite--I have a really old copy of South Riding (with a hokey cover--not the nice Virago, but the story is the same!). I really need to get it out and read it. I am also planning on ordering The Crowded Street soon, too. I can't wait to read them. I love discovering new authors like her!
Dorothy--She does sound like she was very interesting. I'm really intrigued by that group of authors that was writing around the period of the First World War. The story was different than I expected it to be, but very good in its own way.
Jaimie--Age is weird. I feel like I'm still only about 25, but I think I appreciate so many more things now that I'm older than I did when I was young (and understand them better, too). Glad you're back as well!

Simon T

WH has been in my peripheral vision for SO long... that quotation has accelerated her up the pile. But to right with such sagacity at 32..!

Simon T

I mean 'write', of course... oh dear...

Jennifer Dee

I love Winnifred Holtby, one of the best writers of her generation. And it was such a shame that she died so young, I believe she had so much more to give. I read 'North and South' many years ago and did not come across her again until I read 'A Testament of Youth' by her dear friend Vera Brittain. Ever since I am always on the look out for any of her writings.

Jennifer Dee


Simon--I hadn't really heard of her until I read the book Singled Out and Virginia Nicholson wrote about her fairly extensively. It made me want to read her work, so this is a small start. I suppose having lived through the war and then illness made her all the more thoughtful. I have a couple of her other novels and want to get the new one published by Persephone Books as well....
Jennifer--Did you know Persephone Books has just published another of her novels?
I hope to get a copy of it soon! I'd also like to read more about and by Vera Brittain!

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