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Dani, I have a paperback compilation of Shirley Jackson's novels and short stories. You should read "The Haunting of Hill House" too! I like it better than "...Castle."
Would you like me to send it to you? If so, email your home address to chartroose at yahoo dot com.


That's an excellent list, several there I've never heard of... Beasts sounds very intriguing for instance. And I'm totally unfamiliar with that Mary Stewart.
I must get around to the Colleen Gleason too, so many people seem to love her books. Might try to find a copy for this challenge.

Carl V.

I just read We Have Always Lived in the Castle recently and really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading Haunting of Hill House. You've picked a nice mix of possible reads! Thanks for joining in.


I'm so glad to see Beasts on your list. It is quite horrific, if not in a traditional sense. Love love love it. It was the book I requested a friend have Oates autograph when he met her last year. :D I pet it often.


Chartroose--Thanks so much for your kind offer! I actually have both books and originally had The Haunting of Hill House on my list. I wasn't sure which to choose, as they both look good. I am only afraid the movie will come to mind when reading the book (which I saw some time ago). I know the movie isn't anywhere near as good, and I wish I hadn't seen it now. In any case I will definitely read it at some point.
Cath--I've only read one novel by Joyce Carol Oates, though she has written so many books and is quite famous (and have read one of her short stories). This is a slim novel and it has come recommended from several people. I've heard many good things about mary Stewart (gothic novelist with a dash of romance thrown in), and I think I would really like her work. And same with Colleen Gleason. Since I've got several of her books I really need to start reading them!
Carl--I've been looking forward to this. This is my favorite time of year and I am looking forward to cooler weather (despite the 90 degree temps that are forecasted this weekend--argh). I've had Shirley Jackson's books on my shelf for years now, so it's time to dust them off.
Andi--What a great story. I'm looking forward to Beasts. I remember that you recommended it along with a few other readers. Now I just need to remember where I put it...


Nice list, Danielle. I'll be signing up for this one as a first-time participant. I haven't decided on my books, yet. The only one from your list I've read is We've Always Lived in the Castle. I really enjoyed it, and it's short.

Dorothy W.

Have fun with this challenge! I think it would be cool if both you and Stefanie read The Castle of Otranto -- you both have it on your lists -- it's such a weird, fun book!


What fun! You've got Walpole on your list too! And of course the Jackson. I have read Ghost Story a long time ago and I liked it though it is my experience that you either like it or hate it and you will know early on which it is going to be.


I'm hoping to read We Have Always Lived in the Castle and The Castle of Otranto too. Can't wait!

Ex Libris

We have a lot in common in this challenge - I have Colleen Gleason, Shirley Jackson, and Wilkie Collins on my list. I've read Beasts by JCO, Ghost Story by Peter Straub (years ago when it first came out), and The Castle of Otranto (as a part of last year's RIP challenge). I'll look forward to your thoughts on these books!

Bride of the Book God

Great list; I think you'll really enjoy Beasts.


Lisa--Short can be good when it comes to challenges. I did much better the first year Carl did this than last year. I hope to read several of these books this year, though. I love checking out everyone else's lists, so I look forward to yours.
Dorothy--I noticed Stefanie was planning on reading it, too. I've wanted to read it for a while now. It seems like it was the first (or one of the first?) of its kind, so it seems important to read it and see how it influenced others. Besides--it just sounds like it would be very entertaining!
Stefanie--It looks like several of us will be reading the Walpole--I'm looking forward to it. I know I have a copy of Ghost Story somewhere--I've had a paperback of it for a Really Long Time. I hope I like it since I've held on to it for so long (that is of course assuming I will be able to locate it!). It seems like a creepy story. I guess if I don't like it early on I will know to pick up another book instead!
Nymeth--I think a lot of people will be reading something by Jackson. It will be fun to read everyone's thoughts on her work. And hopefully since I know others are reading Walpole, that will spur me on to pick it up finally.
Ex Libris--I love these sorts of books, so this is a real tread to read them and be able to read other reader's thoughts on similar (or the same) books. Which Wilkie Collins book are you reading? I love his work and really need to read something by him this year. I need to check out your list, too.
Bride of the Book God--It was hard making a list--there were too many good ones I left off, but I know I won't get to them all! I'm really looking forward to Beasts after hearing such good things about it!


I read THE IVY TREE many years ago. I loved Mary Stewart when I was a teenager. She and Victoria Holt were my introduction to Gothic Romance.


Yeah, it's always hard to decide which book to read first, isn't it?


Beasts is such a wonderful book, as well as an easy read. Good choices!


Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I have decided to participate too!

Happy reading!


Kay--I've never read her gothic novels, but I really enjoyed her Arthurian stories. I think I will like her very much. I also have Nine Coaches Waiting.
Stephanie--It is!! I have the stack by my computer right now and am contemplating them....! :)
Jordan--Some authors can convey an amazing lot in a short work. I really liked the short story I read by her not too long ago and have heard very good things about Beasts.
Lethe--That's great! I'd love to know which books you are going to read--you'll have to let me know (I love seeing everyone else's list!).


I do love reading everyone's lists for this! I rarely do this challenge, but it still adds to my TBR pile!


Litlove--I like getting reading ideas from everyone's lists, too! :)


You can find my list here:

Shirley Jackson also features on it and another one by Wilkie Collins.

I read Uncle Silas many years ago, I liked it a lot.


What! It's time for the R.I.P. Challenge already?


Lethe--Thanks for the link! The Woman in White is one of my very favorite books! I also read the Laski a while back and it's nicely creepy! I think lots of people are reading Shirley Jackson, so I'll be curious to hear what other readers have to say about her work. And I hope to fit Uncle Silas in as it is the longest book I chose.
Hayden--The summer has flown by, hasn't it!


I can't believe how long it has been since I stopped in here...I'm going to have to pull my blogging socks up! :)

Great list. I really enjoyed Lost Boy Lost Girl by Peter Straub (the only book I've read of his) earlier in the year, so I'll be really interested to see your thoughts on Ghost Story if you get round to it!


You've got such a great pool of books to choose from Danielle. Ever since I saw The Ivy Tree mentioned in the Bas Bleu catalog I've had it on my radar. I'd love to read some of Mary Stewart's books. I get the feeling I'd like them a lot. Have fun with your challenge picks!


The Castle of Otranto is so great! I read it for a college seminar titled "Haunted Pages in Anglophone Literature" a few years ago.

I love perusing your book lists for ideas of what next to read!


Quixotic--Thanks for stopping by--and I know how hard it can be to make the rounds--I have the same problem! I really would like to read the Straub--I've owned the book for ages.
Iliana--So far the Mary Stewart has been pretty good. It's a bit slow in places, but I'm sticking with it. I love the idea of the story--doppelgangers!
Joanna--What a fun sounding class! I hope to get to The Castle of Otranto--I know it was one of the first of its types, so I'd love to see how it all started. I've heard it is a strange sort of read!

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