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Chrysanthemums is one of those standards that everyone but me seems to have read! Several friends of mine taught it when we were in grad school. I need to get on the ball and give it a try for myself!


I only recently discovered Steinbeck myself having been woefully under-educated in the classics. I really, really like him. I enjoyed The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden and would like to read more of his work.


Andi--Don't feel bad--I've only just read the story now, and I can't quite remember what I read by him when I was younger...It's a very good story, though, when you get around to it.
Laura--I managed to get in AP English in high school and then tested out of the basic English classes in college (I could take six hours of whatever I wanted and I took The Short Story and a class in African American authors) and then barely picked up a classic for years and years--though I've always loved to read (it sounds sort of strange, I know). In the last few years I've tried hard to read more classics and fill in those missing gaps! I did try reading East of Eden when I was younger, but I didn't get far. I'm sure I could do it now, though I plan on starting with The Grapes of Wrath. I have a feeling I'll like his work, too.


I love this story. I remember when I was taking my exams for my teaching cert and one of the writing prompts was about this story, and I was super excited because I know it so well. Steinbeck is so good.


Me too. I am swimming in British Literature right now. I just requested a book from my library, Rick Bragg's latest. Maybe that will bring a momentary reprieve.


Hi, I really like the sound of that short story - I'll look out for it. The Steinbeck novel I really enjoyed was Cannery Row. It's many years since I read it but it stands out in my memory as a great read.


Sarah--This is a story I would love to have read in a class. I would love to be part of a discussion of it. And I know I'd like to read more Steinbeck if this is any indication of what his work is like.
Jessica--For me it isn't even a conscious decision, but I keep picking up books by British authors. My nonfiction reads have been by American authors and American subjects more or less at least.
Nicola--I have a friend who has read just about every Steinbeck novel, so I am put to shame by how little I've read. I will look up Cannery Row, too. I've only got one or two of his works on hand.

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