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Oh, The Needle in the Blood is something I've had my eye on - I will await your notes on it! Also, my copy of the Stef Penney has been sitting on the shelf for a while - I keep reading conflicting reviews.

Also, I am currently reading The Guernsey Literary Society... and am loving it. It's a bit of a cross between Helene Hanff, Cider With Rosie (the slow pace of the English countryside), a bit of Miss Pettigrew (for the "single" female lead chracacter in London around the time of WWII and after) and women's war diaries as well! And also eye opening to the plight of the islanders during German occupation - a topic of which I know next to nothing. A charming, involving and informative read :-)


Nutmeg--I've started writing something up about The Needle in the Blood, but I'm more in a reading mood than a writing mood, so I feel like anything I write at the moment won't do the book justice. So far I love the Stef Penney book. She hooked me from the first paragraph, so perhaps it is a matter of timing. I hope the rest of the book reads as well as the first few chapters! Luckily anything I might have read about it seems to have faded in my mind so it all feels new to me. As for the Guernsey Literary Society--everything you mention sounds appealing to me (though am not familiar with Cider with Rosie), so I think I'll like it as well. I can't wait to get to it.


Glad to hear you enjoyed your 3 day weekend! Will look forward to reading your full review of Needle in the Blood.
I really want to read the Guernesy book too... Nutmeg said a cross between Helene Hanff and Miss Pettigrew?! Oh my, that sounds delightful!


I really enjoyed Needle in the Blood when I read it last year, but unfortunately didn't have the same experience with the Stef Penney book.

I have recently added the Guernsey book to my reading list. I read a lot of HF but I would not have picked this as a HF book from the title alone.


I've heard so much about Bower recently that I picked up a different one of hers -- the only one our library had. I look forward to seeing your review when you get in the mood to write it!


I thought I better add to my comment from above so as not to overly mislead all the Miss Pettigrew lovers (I am one myself!). I suppose the parallel I would draw between the two books would be the rather feisty but endearing natures of the two female lead characters. Each being incredibly kind and loyal to those they love. As to the reference to Helene Hanff - I would say more particularly - 84 Charing Cross Road and The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street. Also, I was thinking that my reference to women's war diaries should also be expanded to include post-war diaries too (1945-1950)!

Either way, The Guernsey Literary Society... is a very good book, regardless of any of these comparisons :-) Enjoy!


I want to read The Needle in the Blood (again picked it up recently only, with biopsy in mind, to put it down again...) and I also want to read the Stef Penney. Will be very interested to see your reviews of both!


And when you have read North & South you can then have the pleasure of watching the dramatisation starring the *divine* Richard Armitage....


You have really nice books and movie ahead of you (for another 3-day weekend??). I loved North and South (as a book) and Emma Thompson's S&S. As for the Guernsey book, I'm intrigued too!


I've seen THE TENDERNESS OF WOLVES and almost picked it up. Maybe one day.

I am thoroughly enjoying THE GUERNSEY So wonderful. I love epistolary novels. I think it will be perfect for my afternoon book group and I think it would be a good pairing or follow-up book to TALLGRASS by Sandra Dallas. Another WWII book that gives a Colorado town's reaction to hosting a Japanese internment camp.


Ooooh, I'm finishing up The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society today. It's soooo good! I love it. I'll look forward to hearing what you think about it.


Sarah Bower has a new book out (The Book of Love) about the Borgias. I didn't love it as much as Needle in the Blood but they have some themes in common.


Congrats on finishing the Needle and Blood.

Keep cool!


I've heard nothing but good things about Needle in the Blood. I'm sort of sad I gave it away for review. lol

As for Breaking Dawn, I answered your question about the 3rd book on my blog. I would recommend reading the 3rd installment before Breaking Dawn just because she sets up a lot of the dynamic between the werewolves and the vampires, but if you just want to find out how it ends up, jump on in! I'll fill in any gaps you have if you need some extra info.

Carl V.

My whole family adores the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility. I remember my wife and I saw it a couple of times in the theatre when it came out and we've watched it many, many times on DVD. We are all suckers for a good English romantic dramedy period film.


What a lovely weekend you had. I will be especially interested in what you think of the Stef Penney book. I have it on my shelf for no other reason than the author is named Stef :)


i didn;t read the book and now i have a paper about this tommorow and i will probabbly fail


Iliana--It's halfway written any case it's a great read and hopefully I'll be able to explain why. Doesn't the Guernsey book sound great?!
Marg--Have you read Sarah Bower;s new book? You're the second person to mention not getting along with the Penney book. So far I am really liking it-I hope it doesn't take a turn for the worse! And the Guersney book sounded a bit like contemporary Southern (US) lit to me when I first heard the title.
JB--I'm contemplating reading Sarah's other book (or does she have older one?). For some reason I thought this was her first and only, though I know she just released another one.
Nutmeg--I think I know what you mean. Maybe not exactly like those books, but it has the same feel or style. In any case it looks good, and if it resembles the others in any way, all the better!! Did you know Miss Pettigrew comes out on DVD this month--I can't wait to finally see it.
Litlove--I don't blame you for not being able to get into Needle and the Blood when you were dealing with your biopsy!! It will be worth the wait until you are ready for it! And I am really weird--when I am dreading a doctor's appointment, I don't even bring along a good book, as I then associate it with a bad feeling (going to the doctor) and it will sort of ruin it for me. How weird is that. I need to get past my fear! :)
Julie--Well, part of the reason I ordered the book was having looked at the DVD....will read the book first and then watch the movie! :)
Smithereens--I'm contemplating another three day weekend, though I need to wait a week or two. I still plan on watching S&S this coming weekend. Glad to hear you like North and South--I thought it sounded good as well. And I'm not sure how much longer I can hold off on the Guernsey book...
Kay--So far I am really enjoying The Tenderness of Wolves--it seems to be the right book at the right time for me. And I love epistolary novels as well. I can't wait to start the Shaffer book. By the way I used to love Sandra Dallas, but it's been a while since I've read any thing by her. I should check out her latest books.
Lisa--I've yet to hear a bad thing about it, maybe I'll start it now after all...
Jodie--I wasn't sure whether I would get her new book. I'm not so interested in the subject matter, but I like her writing style so much I'm contemplating at least trying it.
Isabel--Thankfully it's been much nicer out--only mid-80s. And I was so happy to finished the Bower book. I hate it when a book sits for too long unfinished.
Andi--If you like historical fiction, Needle in the Blood is excellent. Hmm. Maybe I should get the third Meyers book from the library (while I wait in line for the last one)! I tried to listen to it on audio, but I didn't like it (not the contents but the reader). I've still not looked at any spoilers! :)
Carl--I love those British period dramas, too. There are a few I could watch over and over. I plan on watching this version of S&S this weekend. I'm so glad I finally read the book.
Stefanie--You know I don't think I own a single book by an author with the name Danielle (not even Danielle Steele--haha). The Penney book is good, so for whatever reason you grabbed it--hopefully you'll like it too!
Brooke--What didn't you read?

Ann Darnton

'The Tenderness of Wolves' was one of last year's great reads for me, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I'll be interested to see how far you get with 'Shirley'. I have to be honest and say that it defeated me.


I hope you'll like North & South; I really like Gaskell and found this one fascinating. Then you can watch the BBC production -- I agree that it is worth watching just for Richard Armitage! :)


Ann--I am really loving The Tenderness of Wolves. I have to make myself put it down to work on some other books (a library book that needs to be finished this weekend). I was totally captivated from the first page. As for Shirley, I am going to press on and hope it clicks at some point. I hear the beginning is slow but that it picks up. It's not Jane Eyre, is it!
Melanie--I've not yet read a single Gaskell book, though I do have several. And I am looking forward to seeing the film adaptation of it. I gave it to my Mom a couple of years ago, but I wanted to read the book first.


I need to pick up Needle in the Blood - it's been hanging out on the shelves here since late 2007. I liked the new S&S too, though not as much as the older version with Kate Winslet. Though I've always thought Emma Thompson was too old to play Elinor. I loved North and South - the BBC production - and have made it halfway through the book. Richard Armitage is seriously dreamy!


Tara--Part of the reason I wanted to order North and South was I saw a description of the film and thought I would like to watch it, but as it is from a book, I have to read it first of course. I like the both the S&S adaptations, but I think Emma Thompson was just a tad bit too old for the part (though I do love her as an actress).

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