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I think I have this one around here somewhere. I remember thinking it sounded so good. Thanks for a nice review that has piqued by interest again!


oh my! What a great review and an awesome sounding book! I am into it already!

Max Cairnduff

Interesting, that sounds rather good and I hadn't heard of it before, thanks for blogging it.

Now if we can only get something that explores Orkney myths, we're all set...


Kay--I really enjoyed it--I found myself wishing it hadn't ended actually.
Jessica--It's a nice escapist sort of book!
Max--I can't remember where I came across it--possibly the little newspaper my library gives away as a freebie. I liked how she wove the story togther with the island myths. I'll have to look the Orkney Islands up now as well--I had to look for pictures--the Shetland Islands are lovely!


What a fun but eerie read.


Great review Danielle! I'm definitely adding this to my list. Cool cover on that book too.


Isabel--Throwing in the island myth aspect did make it really eerie. It wasn't just your regular chase sort of thriller.
Iliana--Isn't the cover great? You do get that feeling of someone chasing you in the book, too, while reading it.

S J Bolton

I am S J Bolton and just wanted to say thank you for such a thorough and complimentary review.

Publishing a first novel is a nerve wracking experience but it is really great to learn that people have enjoyed reading it, so thank you, everyone.

The comments about plausibility I found particularly interesting. The moment I read the legend of the Kunal Trows, I knew I had to write a book about them, but throughout the process I had huge doubts about whether, at the end of the day, the story was just too fanciful ever to be taken seriously. The challenge for me was to take this rather fantastic story and present it in such a way that the reader, for the time it took to finish the book, could suspend disbelief. I suppose the most I was hoping for was that people would get to the end and say, "what a load of nonsense - but I did enjoy it!"

Now that its published, I've been rather surprised by how many people have said they found the plot disturbingly believable. They point to similar things happening around the world - babies being stolen from the wombs of pregant women for example; the woman who was kept prisoner in a cellar in Austria for many years by her own father. I've been forced to conclude that even the most far fetched story will strike a chord somewhere.

Anyway, thanks once again, to everyone who read Sacrifice and posted nice comments. It really is very much appreciated.

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