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Skye has historically been a very strong Gaelic speaking area. The island's beautiful sceneries and quiet fishing villages would be perfect for writing and reading. I'll look up Linda Gillard. The novel sounds very interesting.

This quote comes to mind when I read about Marianne and Kerr's love:

"If music be the food of love, play on."


Have you ever read The Shipping News? I love Annie Proulx. Sounds like you would too.

Liz B

What a lovely overview of the two novels. I'm sure you'll enjoy A Lifetime Burning - it's compulsive reading and very well done.

Linda Gillard

Thanks very much for your lovely review, Danielle. I wish there was a way readers could listen to the music as they read STAR GAZING! A CD with the book would have been fun. But I understand Rautavaara's CANTUS ARCTICUS (the concerto for birds & orchestra) is downloadable from the net and it's also available very cheaply from Naxos. It's the most magical piece of music. I'm sure I really didn't do it justice.

I don't think you need to be familiar with the music in the book to enjoy it. I deliberately chose pieces people wouldn't know well. In fact some readers have assumed the Rautavaara piece is fictional! ;-)


Her work sounds just fantastic. I doubt my library has her stuff (very small, very limited), but I'm gonna look and see! I feel an ILL coming on if they don't. You really do enable my library list, Danielle. I love it!


Matt--That's a great quote and very fitting. I would love to visit Skye--it sounds so beautiful there--I can easily picture myself happily visiting! :) And I've enjoyed both of Linda's novels that I've read and hope to read her other one soon.
Jessica--I have not yet read anything by Annie Proulx (only the short story Brokeback Mountain). I've heard mixed things about her writing, but I do have The Shipping News--it's another novel set on the coast--I need to give it a try!
Liz B--I've had A Lifetime Burning now for a while, and now I think I am in the mood for it. I've heard others say it is their favorite novel of Linda's, so I expect I am in for a treat with it!
Linda--I was wondering if the Rautavaara work was real or not, but I figured it must be. It sounds so unusual I am going to have to look for it. Maybe I'll request the library order it, or break down and download it myself. I loved the idea of music as a way of getting a visual--or as much of a visual as Marianne could get. I was thinking of what it must be like for someone who has never had vision to be able to understand what something looked like--it's really sort of hard to wrap your mind around the concept. It was a wonderful book!
Andi--I'm not sure how readily available Linda's books are here--Amazon lists them, but they don't have them in stock from the way things look. ILL might be the best bet. I'm sure the Book Depository must have them and they offer free shipping, too! :)

Dorothy W.

I must say I would love to live in a place like that -- I can see why this book would be so attractive!


Dorothy--Of course the setting is just one aspect of Linda's books that I am drawn to, but it does feed the imagination to picture living in such a setting. The pictures I've seen of Skye are gorgeous!


I hadn't heard of this author before, but her books sound very good. I grew up by the ocean (Newfoundland and Nova Scotia) and I still really miss it. Now the closest coast to me is about a 3 hour drive.


Lesley--Lucky you--Nova Scotia is another place I would love to visit (and it's closer!!). How could you leave? But I suppose there are more job opportunities other places? I've really enjoyed Linda's books and hope you get a chance to read her sometime.

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