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Back in the 60s, (oh gosh, am I really that old?) we used to watch a black and white TV series of Maigret avidly. I'm assuming it was made by the BBC, and I can see the actor who played the detective in my head, but for the life of me can't remember his name. The series was unmissable but I've never actually read any of the books.


Cath--I didn't realize it was a TV series. I hope I can get them from Netflix--they sound great. The books are pretty short if you ever want to give them a try. I really enjoyed this one.

Ann Darnton

I've been promising myself I'd read Simenon for so long and yet never managing to get round to it. What's not to like? I love crime fiction and I adore Paris. I must get my finger out and start collecting.

Dorothy W.

Over 70 mysteries! That will keep you going for a while! This series sounds like a lot of fun.


According to the IMDb, there were several series of MAIGRET. The B&W one was either the 1960 or the 1964. One of the recent series had Michael Gambon (the actor who took over the Dumbledore role from Richard Harris) as Maigret. I remember that one being on MYSTERY.


I had to check imdb to see which series I used to watch and it was the one screened from 1960 - 63, made by the BBC and starring Rupert Davies. I'd completely forgotten that Michael Gambon starred in a series in the 1990s and wish now I'd watched it.


Ann--The one Maigret book I read was great. I want to read more--and I love anything French and crime books as well--so a perfect combination. And they seem fairly short, too, so you could easily give one or two a try.
Dorothy--70 mysteries is pretty impressive, isn't it?! He actually wrote over 400 novels (am assuming that includes the Maigret novels?) according to the author bio in the book. Imagine that! I wonder what some of his other books are like, if they are also crime novels or regular fiction.
Linda--Thanks--I'll have to look for the movie that was on Mystery--surely Netflix will have that. I'm really curious how he translates to the big screen, so to speak.
Cath--Maybe you can rent the more recent adaptation? I think I will try. These seem, too, like they would actually be good in B&W--sort of noir-ish.


Like Ann, I've been telling myself that I must read Simenon. I mean, you always see his name up there on the best mystery lists right. Wonderful review Danielle. I will have to try to get to one if his books soon.


I adore Maigret. In half of his books (usually the ones in winter) he has a horrible cold and goes around blowing his nose. It's like a running gag.

Anyway, they don't go in order; it's not like Inspector Wexford or Lynley where you get a sense of their family life. Pick and choose whichever ones you think you'd enjoy; they're all a lot of fun. Do you read any French? They're even better in the original!


Iliana--Definitely give him a try!! I used to have a list of the best of the best for mystery and crime writers--I wonder what I did with it. I'm curious to see how many new ones I've read.
JB--Thanks--that's good to know. I will pick out some of his mysteries. I like the idea of just choosing at whim. And I get a kick out of his character. I want to find out more about Madame Maigret, too. Unfortunately I don't read French, but the translation I had seemed very good. Have you read any of his non-Maigret crime novels? NYRB seems to have published a lot of them and I'm looking at those as well.

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