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I finished the Balkan Trilogy a few months back. I got caught up in it really quickly.

Wave Me Goodbye sounds great! I love war novels.


Jessica--I've heard good things about the books from other readers and I'm looking forward to starting it. The short story I read was a nice way to get a little taste. This story collection is out of print, but there are lots of cheap used copies out there.


The stories sound fantastic Danielle. It is probably good you are taking them in small doses since war stories can be rather grim.


I'm sorry I don't have any titles of specific short stories at hand, but I can suggest a few names:

Alice Munro is very highly praised (although I must confess that my copy of one of her short-story collections is as yet unread, hope to remedy that soon);

Sylvia Townsend Warner: Kingdoms of Elfin (as the title suggests, short stories about elves, but not in a traditional fantasy style; loved it); she has written many more (non-elfin ones), used to write for The New Yorker;

Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway's Party (especially when you have read the novel; again, loved it, have been eyeing her Complete Shorter Fiction for a while now);

Lorrie Moore: Self Help, Birds of America.

Dorothy W.

How about some Flannery O'Connor? "Everything that Rises Must Converge" or "Good Country People" or "A Good Man is Hard to Find" are all wonderful. Both Kavan and Manning sound great; I'd be curious to read their work.


Stefanie--I think you're right. Some short stories are better taken a few at a time. Most of the stories deal with the homefront rather than battlefields, but they can still be on the dark side.
Lethe--Why do I keep forgetting Alice Munro? I did read one of her stories, but I think that was last year actually. I have several of her collections. Ditto with Virginia Woolf! I think there is a ST Warner story in one of my anthologies, so I'll look for that one. And I'm not familiar with Lorrie Moore's stories, so thanks for the suggestion. There are always so many male authors to choose from, I want to make sure I read lots of female authors as well.
Dorothy--I've never read anything by Flannery O'Connor--I have a big gaping hole in my reading there! I think I'll choose something by her this weekend. And I know I want to read more by Olivia Manning, but Anna Kavan interests me now as well. Reading about an author always makes me a little more curious about her (or his) work.


Ooh, I always like adding to lists. I'd recommend two contemporary writers, Ali Smith and Helen Simpson. They're the short story writers who have most appealled to me of late. But haven't you read loads! Very impressive.


I need to add this book to my bookmooch wish list. It sounds wonderful.

I was able to find an Anna Kavan book at a book sale this summer but it sounds like it's a book I have to be in the mood for you know.

By the way, have you read any of the Faye Quick mysteries by Sandra Scoppettone? I'm almost done with the first one and it's really good - set in 1943 NY - I think you'd probably enjoy it.


I saw the Flannery O'Connor suggestion and I just had to comment. I've read her A Good Man Is Hard to Find 20-odd years ago and I'm still traumatized by the title story. Not because it was badly written (quite the contrary), but because of the horrible subject matter and the matter-of-fact way it was told. (I still can't figure out why I hated it so much, and yet love If This Is a Man by Primo Levi which also describes horrible things in a very understated style.)

I don't remember any of the other stories, I raced through them in order to get the book out of the house and back to the library a.s.a.p. So my advice is to proceed with caution, this is not cozy reading! (Perhaps it might fit in with the R.I.P. Challenge? A bit of Southern Gothic? :-) )


Litlove--I think you've suggested these authors to me before--I must see if I can get my hands on them!
Iliana--Yes, if you spot this book--snap it up! The selection of authors is really great. Anna Kavan seems like an interesting author, though I think her earlier works are fairly straightforward. And I have not read any Sandra Scoppettone, but she sounds like she is right up my alley. I didn't realize she wrote books with a 40s NY setting. I will look for her next time I'm in the bookstore! Thanks.
Lethe--Interesting--I know this is a famous story, but I've yet to read it. I will have to save it for the RIP challenge as it sounds like it would be perfect. I've been meaning to get to her now for a while and this makes me very curious!

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