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Thank you for this! I don't think I realized how much you enjoyed The Welsh Girl, I'm going to have another look at it. A Town Like Alice is great - I found it an unexpected treat.


This is a great list! I remember reading GONE TO SOLDIERS many years ago and I had totally forgotten it. Might have to re-read. You might try TALLGRASS by Sandra Dallas. It is about a girl growing up on a Colorado farm during WWII. The government builds a Japanese-American internment camp right down and the road and it sets people in her area at odds with each other.


I picked up A Town Like Alice at a charity book sale a couple of months ago. I really must move that up my list. And I The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society is staring at me right now waiting for me to open it.

If you do decide to dive into WWII NF I think you might like Debs at War by Anne De Courcy. I found it really interesting. (I have quite a bit of WWII non-fiction kicking around here.)


Hi Danielle! Great list! And very complete. I need to read The English Patient one day, the books are always better than the movie. I hope you're having a great summer!


Tara--I really liked The Welsh Girl. Peter Ho Davies writes so eloquently. I'm looking forward to his next book!
Kay--I will look that one up. I've read a lot of Sandra Dallas's earlier books, but none of her more recent stuff. I'm not even familiar with this one, thanks.
Sassymonkey--You have to read The Guernsey Literary... It's really good. I keep wanting to turn down pages and share passages here, but there is so much good stuff it's better for me to just say read the book! I'll look for the De Courcy book. I've heard it mentioned before. I'm not sure it's been published in the US, but I'm sure I can still get my hands on a copy.
Jaimie--Hi! I am having a nice summer (and hope you are, too!), but I am very ready for fall and cooler weather! The English Patient is a really wonderful novel. I've not even seen the movie--I'm too afraid it won't compare.


I just finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and loved it. I was in the history section at the bookstore the next day because it has brought about an interest in WWII. I also picked up Fire in the Blood over on the fiction side. I'm going to break one of these days and read Atonement.

Elaine Simpson-Long

So glad you liked the Guernsey book, one of my top favourites of the year so far. May I also recommend Resistance by Agnes Humbert, a real life diary of a Frenchwoman shortly after the fall of paris. Due to be published in September, I have posted about it and simply love it. A very moving story.

Also another titled Resistance this time by Owen Sheers. Set in a Welsh valley and working on the surmise that the Germans invaded the UK and that D Day failed. Wonderful book


That's a great list! I also recommend 'Restless', by William Boyd. A young woman finds out her mother had been a spy in WWII, working for a propaganda cell of British intelligence whose aims was to persuade America to join the war. Brilliant writing,very atmospheric. One of my best reads last year.
Must try The English Patient — cannot get past the dreadful movie!


Again, so very glad I stumbled on your site as your WWII list is invaluable. Have made your blog one of my favorites, and plan to study carefully -- so much fun.


I would suggest Primo Levi's masterpiece If This Is a Man. It seems the US title is Survival in Auschwitz.

Bride of the Book God

I really loved the Balkan and Levant Trilogies. If you can, try to get a hold of the BBC TV adaptations with Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson; they are really well worth watching


Read the Guernsey book today - it's fantastic.

Ann Darnton

I'm just seconding the last comment. The Olivia Manning books are wonderful and for once the TV version really does them justice.


Okay ... great list!

I have read quite a few on your list and really love The Bronze Horseman (one of my favourite books ever), A Town Like Alice, The Welsh Girl and the Guernsey book. Liked Atonement but was a little disappointed with The Siege.

An old YA book that I reread a couple of years ago and really liked was Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Green and then there is alway Night by Elie Wiesel and probably loads of other books that I haven't either thought of or managed to read yet!


Sam--This reminds me I should have listed Suite Francaise, which I have not yet read. I did read Fire in the Blood and enjoyed, though. I really like the Shaffer book and am trying to read it slowly. It seems a book that would be easy to read in one sitting!
Elaine--Oh, the Humbert book sounds great. I know I've seen it mentioned on your blog--now I am going to have to get it when it comes out next month!! And I have Resistance--it's one of those books I really want to read, but other books keep getting in the way. And I can easily see why The Guernsey book would be a favorite--I suspect it will be in my top ten reads of the year, too!
Lesley--I have the Boyle book--another case of I want to read it, too, but I can't seem to squeeze it in. I've heard excellent things about it. This is how I get myself into trouble...wanting to start everything at once! And it sounds like I made a wise choice to avoid the movie version of The English Patient? I really would like to reread it.
Page--Thanks so much for your kind words. Please feel free to leave a comment anytime and I hope you find some good reading ideas here. This is what I love about blogging--the interchange of ideas between readers!
Lethe--I'm embarrassed to say I've never read anything by Primo Levi. I've read a lot of Holocaust literature, but somehow I've managed to miss his work. I really do need to rectify that.
Bride of the Book God--I had hoped to read at least the first book this year and still hope to squeeze it in. I will definitely try and get my hands on the film when I've finished it.
Sassymonkey--You're too fast. I hope to get in some reading time this weekend, but more than likely I'll finish it next week. So far I've loved what I've read. It's a shame the author passed away, but what a book to leave behind.
Ann--It's not often that a movie adaptation is as good as the book, but several people have recommended it. Must move the first book to the top of the pile now...
Marg--I loved the first two Tatiana and Alexander books and read the first one a few times. I've yet to get my hands on the third one. I'm not sure I want to read it since it is set in the US after the war and might be more about their son. I really should try it at least. Wouldn't the story make a great movie? I haven't yet read The Siege. I read one of her other books, so look forward to this one, though I think you're not the first person to say it was a tad bit disappointing. Oh and I loved The Summer of My German Soldier. It was a favorite book when I was young and some years back I reread and it loved it just as much. It seems to me there is a sequel, though I have not read it. Sequels scare me sometimes when I read a book and love it!


That's a wonderful list and not so much I can add to it. I would suggest Human Voices by Penelope Fitzgerald which is about the BBC in wartime (and brilliant)and The Night Watch by Sarah Waters (which I'm looking forward to reading. I'm also looking forward to trying Olivia Manning and the Peter Ho Davies!


Litlove--I forgot about the Sarah Waters book--it's on my TBR pile as well. I really do need to read another of her books this year. How to fit them all in? And Penelope Fitzgerald as well. I have a feeling I will like her when I get to her!


Do Sophie's Choice & Diary of Anne Frank qualify to be here? I love both the books.
Also I dont know which came first , the HBO adaptation or the book, and its probably non-fiction but 'Band of Brothers' is another all time favorite for me


Vipula--When I read Sophie's Choice I thought it was one of the best books written! How could I have left that one off?! And yes, Diary of Anne Frank also is another excellent book! I've never seen Band of Brothers, but I've heard it's good. I'll have to look up the book, too. Thanks! :)

Stephanie Barko

Jack London published the first book in his WWII trilogy today.
It's called French Letters.

The first book is set in west Texas in 1944 and has an air of mystery about it.

Check it out at


Stephanie--Thanks for the link! I will check it out--I like mysteries as well!

Adrienne Zinn

Oh, what a great group you are!
You all share my interests and taste. Love Kerr as well.

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