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The Winds of War and War and Remembrance.
Everybody - EVERYBODY - should read both.


Courtney--Thanks--Wouk is another author I pick up and look at in the bookstore, but can never quite decide. I will give them a try now, though!


These are great Danielle! Thank you for putting it together in one blog post. It's funny, I always say I don't like "war" literature/films/etc. but there are a lot of books on these lists that are on my radar.


Oh, what a great idea! I tend to read a lot of stuff set in these two events, so I will be printing that list off for sure!

dark orpheus

My contribution will be minimum, I'm afraid. I don't seem to have read many books set around the World Wars.

Is A.L. Kennedy's "Day" in the list?

Also, "Singapore Grip" by J.G. Farrell, "Bridge Over the River Kwai"by Pierre Boulle, Norman Mailer's "The Naked and the Dead", "The Thin Red Line" by James Jones, "Empire of the Sun" by J.G. Ballard

I guess my list tends to be more towards the Japanese-American side of the conflict.


What great lists! Thank you - I'll be printing these out and keeping them.


Thanks for all your great ideas Danielle. I just finished No Angel and really enjoyed it. I'll be looking out for the next two books in the trilogy.


Thank you so much for doing this, Danielle. I have the list duly saved in my book rec folder. A few I haven't read but are on my tbr pile are:

The Patriot's Progress - Henry Williamson (WW1)
Memoirs of an Infantry Officer - Siegfried Sassoon (WW1)
Reunion - Fred Uhlman (WW2)
Winter, A Berlin Family 1899-1945 - Len Deighton (WW1 and 2)
Saplings - Noel Streatfeild


And I completely forgot one of my favourite WW1 books - The First Casualty by Ben Elton, who was one of the Blackadder writers. I read this WW1 crime novel last year and absolutely loved it.

Dorothy W.

Thanks for the lists Danielle -- they are very useful! Definitely something to save and consult when in the right mood.


War literature is one of my favorite genres. There is a ton out there for the Civil War too.

I also would have thought that there would be more available for WWII. Odd.


Oh, and I must put a plug in for one of the greatest Dutch novels about WWII: The Darkroom of Damocles, by W.F. Hermans. The book has only recently been translated into English, and none too soon in my opinion!

I can't seem to get html to work on your blog, but here are a couple of links with (non-spoilerish) reviews:

I hope you can get your hands on a (library) copy, it's worth it!


Here's another one for WW ll - The Chestnut Tree by Charlotte Bingham. Great list!


Iliana--I know what you mean--I think some of these stories touch on the war peripherally and others are entirely about it. Some of the stories can be hard going but they appeal to me in some way.
Kailana--I hope you find it useful!
Dark Orpheus--Thanks for all the great suggestions. I think I tend to read about the wars from the western european perspective. It's interesting to read about the other theaters/fronts (is that what they call it?) of the war. I'd love to read the Ballard book--I remember seeing the movie and it really affected be deeply.
Litlove--I think I will have to print it out as well actually, as there are so many more suggestions than I came up with.
Karen--So glad you enjoyed it. I found the books very addicting.
Cath--Thanks--several of those are completely new to me. I'd really like to read Saplings. I've been trying hard to not order anything new from Persephone books, but my list keeps getting longer and my resolve weaker.
Dorothy--There should be lots to choose from when you feel like reading something from this period. Of course just making the list makes me want to pull some of them out and start them now.
Jessica--I have a feeling there is lots on WWII, but somehow the WWI list just ended up longer. I've read very little Civil War era fiction or NF. Another area I am weak in. Maybe I'll have to make a list for this sometime as well, though I'm not sure how many titles I could come up with.
Lethe--I will definitely look for it. I am always interested in fiction (or NF really) in translation. Thanks so much for the links (I wish I could help with the HTML, but I'm pretty hopeless about some of that stuff)--they work just fine! :)
Nan--I think I have a couple of Charlotte Bingham's books (perhaps even that title). Another author that sounded good, I bought and haven't yet read. Must pull her out and see what I have on hand.

Les in NE

You might want to add Losing Julia by Jonathan Hull to your WWI list. Oh, and Mary Doria Russell's A Thread of Grace is a wonderful book about WWII.

Great lists!


Les--Thanks--I actually have both of those and they didn't come to mind (probably because I still haven't read them yet). Thanks--I will add them to the list! :)


Don't forget the Cazalet Chronicles by Elizabet Jane Howard!!! The Light Years, Marking Time, Confusion, Casting Off. Elizabeth Bowen's The Heat of the Day. Derek Robinson's Piece of Cake.


Almost forgot Graham Green The Ministry of Fear.


Cintronyella--How could I have forgotten the Cazelet Chronicles??! I read the first three, but I don't think I got to the last one. I really need to reread them. Excellent books--you're right. I also read the Bowen, but I don't remember details, but she wrote a lot of WWII short stories, so I should have thought of her! Thanks for ther suggestions--I need to update my lists again. The other books are new to me, so must check them out now.


Another WWI novel worth tracking down is Bury Him Among Kings by Elleston Trevor. Very much like All Quiet on the Western Front, except from the British side.


Amanda--I really need to read the Remarque book. Thanks for the suggestion--I've not heard of Elleston Trevor--it sounds interesting and I'll be looking for it as well!

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