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I remember reading The Cask of Amontillado!It is the kind of short story that does stick with you, and Poe's theme of claustrophobia gets me every time. I also liked The Tell-Tale Heart a lot too. It is VERY spooky.

Vipula Gupta

Danielle, You should try 'Ghost Stories' by Charles Dickens. Twisted but in a simple way.I have always found Saki interesting...we had this story at school called 'Mrs. Packletide's tiger'.. it was so funny and ofcourse full of satire that I became a 'Saki' fan instantly!


The Cask of Amontillado is so good isn't it? I haven't read any Poe stories in such a long time. This month is the perfect time for reading some of those stories.


I remembered first reading The Cask of Amontillado in 9th grade. The story, especially the ending that you have detailed, stays with me. I'll check out Saki because the idea of incarnation always intrigues me.

Dorothy W.

I love The Cask of Amontillado! I used to teach it and maybe I should again ... it's fun. I've never read Saki -- another one to try!

Carl V.

It is a fantastic time of year to read short stories and I especially love creepy, eerie short stories. Poe's are among the best in my opinion. I really enjoyed my first foray into Lovecraft last year and look forward to more this year. I could be perfectly happy reading short story collection after short story collection. There are so many good ones out there. It is sad that this is an underappreciated genre. I look forward to your thoughts on the ones you read.


Litlove--Poe must be standard school reading! I really do like his work, though. I read The Tell Tale Heart last year, but may have to give it a reread this year as well. And The Cask of Amontillado is very claustrophobic--imagine being walled into a nasty, damp place like that. That's always freaked me out a little!
Vipula--I've never read any of Dickens ghost stories (except a Christmas Carol). I think he is in some of my anthologies, so I'll check his stories out. And what a great title for a story by Saki--that sounds like something he would write--maybe that's online as well! He must have had the strangest sense of humor. I really love his work as well.
Iliana--Poe is great! I've been looking forward for a while now to reading some good ghost stories--or whatever I come across that fits!
Matt--Poe seems like a good author to introduce to school kids--they generally love creepy stories, but I like him still. The Cask of Amontillado is my favorite of his. And do try Saki--I think a lot of his stories are online and they are generally short.
Dorothy--This is one story I do remember vividly reading in school! It would be a fun one to teach I think. And I really like Saki. I think some of his work is probably not too PC, but if you read around some of the references (and not all the stories have them), he is really very amusing and surprising.
Carl--I totally agree. I think even people who are not fans of short stories would enjoy some good creepy/ghost stories. I read some good ones last year, too, and am looking forward to reading some new ones as well as revisiting a few of my favorites from last year.

Vipula Gupta

I know you posted this long ago but it piqued my interest and I got my own copy of this Woodsworth Classic. I was also tempted to pick up 'Gothic Ghost stories' and refrained! Next time!

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