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Dorothy W.

That sounds like an awesome collection! I haven't read many ghost stories, so I'm curious to see how much they could scare and surprise me.


How are you doing on your reading challenges? Does this novel count toward RIP II?


That sounds like a good read!

Could I ask you the title of the Muriel Spark story, please? I'm a great fan of hers.


I just picked up M.R.James and plan to read it next week. I'm so excited that I can find a copy!

I'm spreading good karma to start off the work week. Someone pats me on the shoulder on an award. Now I have to pass on the love. I have given you an award. :)


It sounds like an interesting anthology, albeit one hard to pick a single story from!

I enjoyed reading Sheridan la Fanu earler this year, and have M. R. James waiting to be read. I haven't read any Ruth Rendall yet, but love a good mystery so will one of these days.


Dorothy--They don't often scare me, but the really good ones have a twist I don't expect, which for me is just as good! This IS a really good collection, by the way!
Isabel--I've been reading ghost stories every weekend, but I usually choose from different books. I decided to try and read four books from a list I made earlier, and so far I've read three. I just started the fourth today (Wilkie Collins), so I might just finish the challenge by the end of October! :)
Lethe--I really enjoyed this one! I like Muriel Spark, too. The anthology has a story by her called "The Leaf-Sweeper". I've read a couple of her novels and really enjoyed them. I'll have to read this story, too.
Matt--I'm in the mood to read more MR James as well--I'll have to drag the book to work! And I read your post via Bloglines--thanks very much for the kind words!!
Sarah--Ruth Rendell is a favorite of mine. You'll have to give her work a try!! I read one short story by Le Fanu a while back, but what I really want to read is Uncle Silas!


This book sounds so familiar - I need to go dig around in my bookshelves because I may have it - if not, I better get on the bookmooch list :)


Iliana--I really like this "Mammoth" book series of stories. I have another one checked out from the library--they both have excellent selections of stories in them.

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