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I did feel she reached a peak with the Arthurian novels that wasn't matched in her other work. I remember them as the kind of books that are good if you have a cold and need something really light. I imagine coming after Rebecca it would feel a bit flat!


Litlove--Although I did enjoy it, when you compare it to Rebecca it just didn't quite seem on the same level. I wouldn't mind reading some of her other novels (I think I have another on my pile), but they would be as you say, good comfort reads!


Too bad it wasn't as good as you had hoped. If I ever read this I will have to be sure not to read it after Rebecca :)

Dorothy W.

Well, after such a promising premise, it's really too bad the book wasn't as good as you hoped. Aren't doppelgangers fascinating? I remember talking about them a lot when I studied Frankenstein -- Frankenstein and his creature are good examples of the phenomenon.


Well, I learned something today. I didn't know that meant a harbinger of death. In fact, I wasn't quite sure what it meant at all. hehe The book does sound interesting. You're probably right. Nothing can stand up to a comparison of Rebecca.

Ann (Table Talk)

I've just read the new crime thriller from Tana French, 'The Likeness' which is about something very similar. I'll get round to reviewing it tomorrow but basically a body is found who is the double of a cop who has worked undercover before and so she goes into this girl's life to try and find out who killed her. It's excellent. Although if you haven't read her first novel, 'In The Woods', it's probably as well to begin there.


Stefanie--Rebecca is in a class all by its own. The Ivy Tree was good, but it just never quite became the page turner I was hoping it would be. I kept waiting for it to grab me, but it didn't happen until almost the end.
Dorothy--You're right--I had forgotten about Frankenstein--you wrote about that, didn't you? Doppelganger is an interesting concept--I never realized there was such a eerie meaning attached to them. I was a little disappointed, but it was still a fairly entertaining read.
Lisa--I knew that a doppelganger was a lookalike, but I also didn't know it had such connotations. It's a creepy thought. Rebecca is so well done, I should have picked a book totally different to read.
Ann--That sounds really good!! I do have her first book on my reading pile. It was going to be my next mystery, but then I had a library book I needed to read and now I have another mystery that I won from Library Thing--a reader's copy, so I guess I will read that next. So the French book is after that! I wonder if her newer one still in hardcover? In any case, I'm sure I'll get my hands on that one eventually, too!

Carl V.

It makes sense that you would compare this to Rebecca if you were reading them at the same time as they sound like they have some similar ideas and themes. Rebecca is wonderful too, isn't it? Probably unfair to compare many things to that book. I am going to start reading a collection of du Maurier short stories this weekend and I am really looking forward to it.


I've been eyeing this book since I first saw it mentioned on Bas Bleu. Thank you for such a great review Danielle. I will keep it on my TBR list.


Carl--The Ivy Tree is actually a fairly different story, and I shouldn't have compared the two at all, but Rebecca was still so fresh in my mind! I hope you like du Maurier's stories--she's a wonderful short story writer. I've read a few and hope to read more. My favorite it Don't Look Now!
Iliana--I also first spotted it in Bas Bleu. I am glad you plan on picking it up eventually. I have Nine Coaches still to read.
It's definitely a good escapist sort of book.


Well, isn't that funny! I just finished posting about this very book: - I also read it for the RIP challenge, but enjoyed it more than you. Although, yes, I would agree with you - compared to Rebecca, hands down, Rebecca comes out the victor.


Lesley--How funny--I will check out your review! I think had I read it on its own--not having read anything similar at the same time I might have gotten into it more than I did. I still liked it, but it never really clicked where I felt like I just couldn't put it down. Still, I'm going to try some of her other books.

David Toms

Another case of mistaken identity or such is Agatha Christie's "Taken at the Flood".

I love the Mary Stewart novels and have just purchased "The Ivy Tree" and cannot wait to read.

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