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Like yourself Danielle, I've avoided The Gathering as I'd like to read it without being overly influenced by the reviews (and because the premise didn't exactly grab me).

Until the girl died sounds like an interesting story- I enjoyed the quote. I've got Enright's collection The portable virgin squirrelled away somewhere so might try that.


Sarah--I guess since the collection moves from recent to early stories this is a later story and it is well written. I think this collection has at least some stories from A Portable Virgin, so I'll get a taste of all her work. And The Gathering does sound pretty heavy, so I want to be in the right mood for it.


How interesting! I have yet to read any Anne Enright although I own her book on motherhood (inevitably) called Making Babies. I must read something by her because like you, I've heard such mixed reviews I'm now very curious as to what I will think!

Dorothy W.

The story sounds good. I'm one of the ones who felt mixed about The Gathering -- but I wouldn't be against reading some Enright again, if something appealed to me. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book!


This does sound good. I don't know why I don't read more short stories. I've really enjoyed the few that I've read. Maybe I'll try to find some of Enright's.


I was one of the people over the moon with The Gathering, but didn't like (probably didn't understand) her The Wig My Father Wore. But I think short story form should mesh well with her style and I'm hoarding this one until the perfect time to start.


I really wanted to read The Gathering when it first came out but after seeing so many mixed reviews I kind of let it fall by the wayside. I hoe to get to it one day though. Even if a book has negative reviews as long as it still sounds interesting to me, I'll give it a go. You never know. Anyway, glad you are enjoying these shorts.


Litlove--I'm not familiar with all her work--I didn't realize she wrote a book on motherhood. I've heard her interviewed on a few podcasts and I know she has a family/children and it was interesting to hear her talk about them and how they impacted her writing. I like her short stories in any case.
Dorothy--I remember you didn't really get on well with the book, but now can't remember if it was the story or the writing. It's nice to keep an open mind about her other work. Some authors vary so much from book to book you might like something else.
Lisa--I'm really enjoying reading a weekly story, though I haven't done too well on reading a whole collection. I hope to make it through this one--I tend not to want to pick up story collections, but I find myself grabbing for this one.
Susan--I know you weren't the only one to really like the book--I've read some really good things about it as well. It's interesting how she has really drawn so many different reactions from people. I am looking forward to reading it. And she does well with the short story form--I like her "voice" in the stories I've read so far. And I have her other book--The Wig My Father Wore--something about it obviously appealed to me (I've had it for a while, but not yet read it--big surprise), but it does have an unusual storyline.
Iliana--If a book appeals to me a lot, too, I will still read it even if I've read negative reviews. I'll get to it eventually, too.


The Gathering was a difficult and arduous read for me. I realized that being in Hong Kong at the time I read it, I wasn't in the mood for it. The melancholy writing requires concentration. I had to backtrack and re-read passages but I do manage to finish. It was, at the end, worth all the effort put into it.

Candy Schultz

I did read The Gathering and the writing is very, very good. The story is very, very depressing however. I still think Darkmans should have won last year.


Matt--Some books certainly take more time and patience and attention and I'm not surprised this is one of them. I will save it for a vacation time.
Candy--I've heard very good things about Darkmans and I think others would agree with you that it should have won. I need to buy it sometime as it is one that appeals to me, too.

Simon T

What an interesting twist on the old infidelity story - and what a great title!


Simon--It was a different twist on an old story. Anne Enright seems to have a different way of looking at things it seems. It was almost written in a monologue by the wife whose anguish you could feel.

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