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Jessica Danger

Short stories are such fun- just little snippets of what the author really holds.


I particularly liked this short story when I read it in Jane Gardam's short story collection "The Sidmouth Letters".

I only came across Jane Gardam's books last year. So far I've also read "Going Into a Dark House", also a short story collection and "Old Filth" a full length novel, which is excellent.

My knowledge of a "travelling library" is that they are mobile libraries carrying books in a library van usually to rural areas. I used to live in a village where the mobile library visited once a month - there was always a queue of people waiting to look at the books!


Oh I love Jane Gardam although I've only read her novels. I loved Bilgewater, and The Flight of the Maidens and I have Old Filth to read which by all accounts is fantastic. Firefox too had great reviews. I think she's really accessible and interesting.


I've never read anything by this author either. I'm not sure if I've even heard of her. I'd probably recognize some of her work. Is a traveling library anything like a bookmobile?


Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun with these short scary stories Danielle! I pulled out my copy of the collected works of Poe to hopefully get in a story or two this week - get in the spirit of things. I'd really like a copy of the book you are reading though - sounds like it has a good variety of stories.


Jessica--I've really been enjoying the stories I've been reading. I generally tend to avoid them, but this year it was one of the reading challenges I joined. I have discovered lots of interesting authors this way!
BooksPlease--A mobile library sounds like fun, but imagine only getting to visit once a month! I went back and found your post, which I notice I commented on. I didn't get the collection as I thought I would, but I'm glad I found this story. Now I hope to read some of her novels.
Litlove--I think you've read a little bit of everything! And not just one book but lots by the same author. You never steer me wrong, so I suspect I will like Jane Gardam's novels, too. I've found a copy of The Flight of the Maidens--it seems like a good place to start.
Lisa--I had heard of her, but like so many authors--just never got around to reading any of her books (too many authors...). I vaguely remember bookmobiles--I wonder if they still exist here?
Iliana--This really is a good collection and I want a copy, too! I have really enjoyed the ghost stories, but it will be fun to try some other stories now as well, for a change. I read Poe's Cask of Amontillado (or reread actually) last month--he's so good!

Dorothy W.

I've heard a lot of good things about Gardam too, but have yet to read her. I have a copy of The People on Privilege Hill, which is a collection of stories. Looking at her wikipedia page I see that she has lots of books -- I didn't know she was so prolific.


Dorothy--I wouldn't mind reading some more of her short stories, but I think I am more in the mood for a novel. She does have quite a few books out there. I didn't realize she had been writing for as long as she has (or that she was born in the 20s!). There are so many authors out there to discover!


I enjoyed the Monsters of Templeton and The Lace Reader - both really fun to read in the Autumn.

The Lace Reader was so interesting, I might have to re-read it again - knowing the ending, I thought reading thru & catching the clues would be great fun.

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