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Don't you just love the Virago classics series? I discovered it when I was looking for May Sarton's books. My copy of Rebecca West's The Birds Fall Down is also a Virago. This book sounds very much to my liking and I'll have to look for it when I'm in Hong Kong.


Matt--I do love those Viragos. I hope you find Dusty Answer in Hong Kong. I never seem to find any Viragos locally in new bookstores, only occasionally in a used bookstore or library sale. I thin you would like it. And I'm envious that you are starting the West book. I would join you, only I absolutely have to stop picking up new books or I will never get through my current read pile by the end of the year!! Still, I bet you'll tempt me eventually.


I'm so happy you finally read it ! It has such a unique voice. I like that the heroine is not instantly likeable. Didn't you just like its prose ? It reads like a poem. Lucky you for owning a copy of The Feminine Middlebrow novel, I want one but it's too expensive for me. Elizabeth Taylor was a huge disappointment for me, it's just melodrama and I couldn't understand the attraction at all. Perhaps you'll have better luck.


My favourite novel by her is Invitation to the Waltz. I've just bought Lehmann's biography, in fact (by Selena Hastings) and I'm looking forward to finding out more about her life.

Dorothy W.

I loved A Note in Music, so I hope you like it when you get there! I had a rough time with her novel An Echoing Grove, but I think I'll like the others -- I've got two on my shelves right now.


Interesting review. I am looking forward to hearing about your thoughts of her othe works.


This was the first Lehmann I read as well, though I read it in an old cloth copy, very tiny and yellowed. Her others that I've read have all been Virago editions; thank goodness for Virago or I wouldn't have found them anywhere. I do like this one very much, Judith and Roddy made me cry. Really! I still have to read A Note in Music.


I've been looking for some Virago books when I've gone to HPB and I haven't found any... for a while there I was on a lucky streak. This one is one I added to my wish list after seeing so many people talk about it.


Sibylle--I'm looking forward to reading more of Lehmann's work. I was a little ambivalent about Judith, but in the end I did like her. The feminine Middlebrow is expensive! I was hoping to find a used copy, but there don't seem to be many out there. In the end I used a my Amazon associates credit to buy it. And I've read a couple of things by Elizabeth Taylor. So far I've liked what I read. Have you tried Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont--I think it is one of her famous ones.
Litlove--Invitation to the Waltz actually appeals to me the most out of all her novels, so I am looking forward to reading that one. And I bought that same biography just a few days ago--ordered a used copy anyway. I also bought Slipstream (you've read that one?) on Jane Howard.
Dorothy--I remember your post on The Echoing Grove--it sounds like it is very different then her other books. A Note in Music sounds good, and I think that's what I'll read next. It should be interesting to see how her novels compare to each other.
Isabel--I'm really looking forward to reading her other books and will certainly post on what I read.
Melanie--I have found some used Viragos of her work. I'm so glad they publish a variety of women authors--their books are always so nice, too, with those introductions. I couldn't believe (or maybe I could) that Roddy was so cold hearted to her. I felt bad for poor Martin--he was a bit boring, but he was so devoted to her.
Iliana--I haven't gone to HPB since they opened. I'll have to plan a little excursion there sometime in tehe future. I'd love to find some more Viragos myself!

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