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kristen m.

Weird. I just read William Trevor this last week for the first time - The Story of Lucy Gault. I think my review is posting tonight.


Kristen--I will watch for it. I'm curious what you think of his writing. I'd like to read more of his work and I think I have The Story of Lucy Gault on my TBR pile. It's sort of weird how certain authors will pop up and several people will be reading them/talking about them!


I think I've only ever read Trevor's short stories and managed to miss all his novels. I must remedy that! I think he is a very subtle writer (if sometimes his work is a bit depressing).

Dorothy W.

I've read some Trevor stories before and liked them, although I haven't read many. I didn't know he wrote ghost stories! This one sounds like fun.


Litlove--I get the feeling that he does deal in depressing issues. I did like the novel I've read, but it's been too long to give specifics. He seems to be a very good short story writer, too. I think he's got quite a lot of work published now.
Dorothy--I didn't know he did either. According to the little intro in this book he's written a few ghost stories and this is supposed to be the best of the group. I'd like to read some of his regular short stories as well.


Ok, seriously I've got to get my hands on this book! The stories you've mentioned sound very good. I read Felicia's Journey a long time ago too and was creeped out by it. I haven't read any more by Trevor but I do have a couple of his books waiting for me :)

Carl V.

I haven't heard of him but I will definitely be writing him down. I am such a fan of the short story genre that although I have a ton of collections to read I am always on the lookout for more authors who are skilled short story writers.


Iliana--I've heard that the book was made into a movie, so I am going to have to see if Netflix has it. I have a few others of his books, too. And this ghost story collection has a great selection of authors!
Carl--I like to keep my eyes open for good short story collections, too. From what I've read he is supposed to be an excellent short story writer. I liked both the novel I read and this story!

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