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I will have to start reading her books. Thanks for the review.


I love Elizabeth Taylor. She is so good at setting a semi-tragic scene, full of misunderstanding and loneliness and anxiety and then writing in a sharp and funny way about it. Lovely review, Danielle!

Dorothy W.

I love Elizabeth Taylor! I like her focus on people and her quiet but deep way of writing about life. As for anthologies, it's too bad there aren't more stories by women writers. I'm highly annoyed at Ira Glass right now for publishing a book called "The Kings of Nonfiction" and including only one or two women. How can you get away with titling a book "The Kings of Nonfiction" these days?


Isabel--She's wonderful--I hope you do have a chance to read her.
Litlove--Yes--that's it exactly--she does exactly that. That's what I was trying to get across and you say it so nicely in only a few words! :) She's so good!
Dorothy--I need to read more of her work next year. I have a pile ready to go. I'll have to check out this Kings of Nonfiction--they couldn't come up with a better title than that? And I don't believe that they could only find a couple of women authors to include (who were "worthy"). That's just pathetic. These anthologies have been irritating me lately.

Dorothy W.

The selections in the nonfiction book look good, but I'm a little too irritated to give the book any attention ...


Dorothy--I don't blame you--the short story collections with just a smattering of women authors annoy me as well. It's not at all that I have anything against the stories in the collection by men, it's just that it seems so paltry to see so few examples of women's writing--especially since I know there are lots of great works to choose from that could have been included.

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