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Bride of the Book God

I can recommend The Long View which I really enjoyed; I'm pretty sure I've read After Julius as well but it hasn't stuck in my memory.


Those are my favorite kinds of Autobiographies too! Where you are not quite sure if you are reading another novel or if you are still reading an autobio- those are the best!


Re Sybille Bedford: I loved A Visit to Don Otavio (originally published as The Sudden View), and highly recommend it. I also own Jigsaw, an autobiographical novel about her youth, but haven't read that one yet.


I've watched the BBC's adaption of these books and enjoyed it. I bought The books after this but still haven't gotten to them yet.
Thanks for the reminder!

Lyn Baines

The TV series only covers the first 2 books. It got pretty lukewarm reviews & I have to say I enjoyed the books much more, but that's not unusual! Another EJH book I loved was Falling, which was made into a TV movie with Michael Kitchen & Penelope Wilton.


Bride of the Book God--I read the first three Cazalet books ages ago and the details didn't stick with me either, but I am enjoying the reread immensely. I'll give the others a try eventually, too and am always happy to hear when someone has read and enjoyed them!
Jessica--I love NF that reads as fiction, too. Those are the sorts that I tend to finish (more than a few NF in past years have ended up back in my TBR piles unfinished--I shouldn't have that problem with this one).
Lethe--I have Jigsaw--actually I think I have three or four books by her that I never seem to get around to. I'm always curious when another author talks about books and authors I own. I really must dig my books by her out now.
Sarah--The books are really good. I'm looking forward to watching the film eventually, too.
Lyn--I think someone else told me the film wasn't as good as the book, but isn't that usually the case. I didn't realize it only covers the first two books--how interesting. I'm really enjoying the novel and autobiography however. I'll look for Falling, too. I think I can find her books used pretty easily here.


I read all the Cazaalet books some years ago and although I can't remember the detail I really enjoyed them. I've also read After Julius and The Beautiful Visit, according to my records of books I've read - but these two have not made any lasting impression at all. I think I preferred the Cazalet books.

Dorothy W.

I've never heard of this author, but she sounds really good! The series sounds like a fun one. And I'd like to read Bedford too -- I've got one of her books on my shelves, A Legacy. A number of people have recommended her to me, so I'll have to make sure I read her!


I haven't read this author. Currently, I'm reading Knit Two - the sequel to Friday Night Knitting Club. And, am enjoying it so far.

Have you read any Susan Vreeland historical fiction books? I finished The Girl in Hyacinth Blue & enjoyed the chapters (short stories) each of owners of a painting.


BooksPlease--I have a feeling the Cazalet books would stick firmer in my mind as it's such a longish saga. I do love the books--very nice comfortable reading. I could spend the entire afternoon with the characters (only wish I could today and not go do errands!). I do look forward to trying some of her other books, too, but I wonder if these four will be my favorites, too!
Dorothy--If you ever get a chance to read her--and you might find some of her books at a library sale--do give her a try. She's very enjoyable--and a great autobiography, too. I think I found four Sybille Bedford books as cheap remainders. I don't know why I've not yet tried her!
Lelia--I really like Elizabeth Jane Howard! I've not read any knitting books, but I see there are several different series out there. I have read Susan Vreeland, though. I also read Girl in Hyacinth Blue and loved it, too. I read The Forest Lover as well, which I enjoyed, though not quite as much as the other one. I still have a few of her books on my TBR pile to look forward to.


I've not heard of this author before and they sound like such fun! I am adding them to my TBR list forthwith.


So glad you are enjoying Slipstream! I wonder myself why there are always those tedious chapters at the start of biographies that go backwards through great-grandparents. I break my head trying to keep all those relationships straight! I am still wishing I had time to reread the Cazalet chronicles. They were so, so good.


I remember reading this series a number of years ago and enjoying it...thanks for the reminder of this great author!

Margaret Powling

I loved the Cazalet Chronicles and have them all and intend to re-read them at some stage. I read After Julius many years ago and also many years ago this was made into a TV drama. I don't suppose that is now available, but from what I recall one of the actresses (or I suppose I should call her an actor nowadays!) was Faith Brook.


I have had the Cazalet series sitting on my bookshelf for years; now, I think I will read it during the Christmas holidays. The covers on mine are very different from your's; impressionist-type paintings and quite beautiful.


Stefanie--I highly recommend her and her autobiography is a wonderful read, too!
Litlove--Her books are definitely worth rereading. It's so interesting reading an author's autobiography and also her fiction alongside it. I love seeing how her life experiences really came out in her fiction! And sometimes going through the family tree in biographies can be very enlightening, but yes, so many other people to remember--who's related to whom!! I like how she just jumps right into things. She seemed to do that with The Light Years, too.
Wendy--She seems like a great author to keep on hand and come back to later. I'm really enjoying rereading the first book and am looking forward to the other three (and finally getting around to the last one that I missed the first time around).
Margaret--I've had these sitting on my shelves for years now meaning to reread them myself. I just had this desire to jump back in and am glad I did. I'm looking forward to checking out some of her other books, too. I'll look for After Julius on film, but I wonder if Netflix would have something older and British? Still, worth a look! Thanks for the heads up.
Cathy--I'm so glad I bought these new when they came out in the US. The cover designs are all very nice. The one book I found used of one of her other novels has a very cheesy 1960s looking cover on it. And these will be great holiday reads. I think I'll be reading them on my Christmas break as well!


I read the Cazalet books years ago and just loved them. I could certainly reread them all. I am really interested in Slipstream, now!


Tara--If you enjoyed the books you should check out the biography. I'm really enjoying it!


Love EJH and have read and reread all The Cazalet Chronicles about 8 times, they are by the the way heaps better than the tv series which is not detailed enough for my liking. Have also read Slipstream, Falling, Odd Girl Out and you must look out for Getting it Right which is a lovely book of EJHs and she appears in the movie adaptation of the novel with the same name (cameo appearance at the party Gavin goes to, he spills a drink on her) she's a wonderful author and if you like her look out for the works of Monica Dickens (Charles granddaughter) I have all her books and her autobiographies are fabulous. Also you might like Miss Read, Sarah Harrison, Rosie Thomas, Joanna Trollope. Not forgetting Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte etc. The English novel has stood the test of time in my opinion and these wonderful authors prove the point time and time again. Happy Reading!!


Is CASTING OFF the last book of the series ? I would love to have a follow-up book!


Aglaia--Yes, Casting Off is the last of the Cazalet books. I am currently rereading them as I only ever did read the first three (the first book I have read numerous times). She has a number of other books and an excellent memoir as well that are all worth exploring. I don't think the film covered all four books and I totally understand--when you become attached to characters in a book it is hard to give them up! :)

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