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Only four weeks left in the year??? Ack!

Account Deleted

I've read "So Big" (which won the Pulitzer Prize) and "Showboat" by Ferber and loved them. I haven't read any of her short stories, though. I think I will check them out!

Jessica Danger

I am hooked on WWII novels right now too!


Stefanie--I remember when I was younger time would literally drag. I wish I had some of that back (but only during my free time!).
Sharon--What little I've read about her is interesting and I'd like to read more. I'm glad you liked her books. I was looking forward to getting to this story in the collection! I think this story was from a collection of her stories she published.
Jessica--This is a great collection of WWII stories by women writers. I'm also reading The Light Years, the first of four novels set during WWII, which I am really enjoying!!


I've heard of Edna Ferber but never read anything by her - so your review is very interesting. As to the title, I think it means 'Grandma isn't playing the game' which is to say she won't play along in the role of Slave that Mae sets out for her, choosing rebellion and self-respect instead. Good luck getting the collection completed before the end of the year!


Oh don't remind me of how little time there is left in the year! :)

I can't believe this but I may even read fewer books this year than I did last year, even though I've been unemployed all year! Ah well, let's see what I can do with these last few weeks.

Looking forward to hearing more about this collection - I've had it on my wish list since you mentioned it a while back.


Litlove--Thanks--that sounds just right considering Anna's attitude towards such a strong and independent work ethic and Mae's embarrassment of her. It just didn't quite click as I was reading the story! It was interesting and I'm curious to know more about Ferber. And I hope I can finish the collection, too. I didn't do very well with the short story collections I set out to read this year!
Iliana--I've read fewer books this year than last for certain. I don't think at this point I'll catch up either, which is okay. I seem to be taking things slower whether I want to or not! It's scary how fast the year is slipping by now.

Dorothy W.

A collection of stories focused on one theme sounds really interesting; I think it would be cool to look at all the different perspectives on the war, and it makes sense to include some Americans in there. Interesting also the stuff about propaganda -- I suppose just because someone wanted to get a message out there doesn't mean what they create isn't a good work of art.


Dorothy--I didn't realize the story was meant to be propaganda until I read the little biography of the author in the back of the book (this anthology has an excellent biographical section and intro!). And it is interesting to see the different stories and perspectives. Also the stories are presented chronologically with the action of the story/war.

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