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I just started reading the Morland series, and I'm glad to hear you've been enjoying them so far. I've only just finished book #2, and I'm liking them pretty well. My hope is to read one a month until I'm done, but we'll see how it goes. It's quite a project!

I hope you enjoy Bleak House. I'n not a big Dickens fan in general, but I like that book an awful lot.


I too hope you enjoy Bleak House. It;s one of Dickens's best. And The Black Pearl looks good!


Hey, thanks for mentioning the Morland Dynasty series! I'd heard about it an age ago and thought it might make a good gift for my dad, but then I completely forgot both the author's name and the series' name. Do they read like solid historical fiction or are they more romance-oriented? (Not that there's anything wrong with romance, it's just not as much up my dad's alley!)


Teresa--I saw your post and have it marked to read later (I Will catch up on blog reading this week!). I have the whole set minus the most recent books (and will get them when they are published in paper). It was also my intention to read them a bit more steadily and make serious progress, but I don't think I've picked up a single one this year! I'm on book #5, so you'll catch up to me in no time.
Katherine--I've wanted to read Bleak House since I saw the BBC film, but I think enough time has finally passed and I have forgotten enough details. And the Morland Chronicles are good reads as well.
Avisannschild--I'm glad this made you remember (I hate it when I forget titles and authors!). I think the books are somewhere in between. They aren't what I would consider Romance, but they do have elements of romance in them. If your dad prefers more scholarly historical reads, I'm not sure if he would get into these. They definitely do center on whatever historical period she is writing about, but the Morland characters are written about alongside real people in history. I really enjoy them, but I don't mind a dash of romance. The author does have a website, so you might take a look at that and see what you think.


I'm going to have to break down and start buying the Morland series; my library only had the first five, so I've got some purchasing to do.

LOVED LOVED LOVED the Cazalet Chronicles. I was amazed when I read EJH's bio how much of the story was based on her own life. And I'm a sucker for books about England during wartime, so that didn't hurt either.


Oh, enjoyed "Greenery Street" also. It reminded me a bit of "The Little Ottleys" which I also loved. Not sure if it mentions in the foreword that the author is Angela Thirkell's brother...?


I loved the Cazalet chronicles when I read them. If you read Slipstream alongside (cos I think you've got it, no?) you can see how much the story corresponds to the author's own family. Bleak House was my O level text when I was 15 and I loathed it, but if anyone can make me appreciate it, I'm sure it's you!


I've just picked up the first book in the Morland series from the library to read. I don't know quite what I am thinking starting a series that is currently 30 books long, but apparently I can't help myself!

Dorothy W.

Enjoy Bleak House! It's such a great book -- there's so much that's memorable in it.


Bleak House is my favorite of Dickens' novels! I read The Light Years a year or so ago and loved it, but for some reason got distracted and didn't move on to the next in the Cazalet family saga. Thanks for reminding me!


They all look so good! I am looking forward to a few days off at Thanksgiving too but I'll be using it to study for my final exam. Bah.


Greenery Street sounds good. I love books that don't necessarily have an intricate plot, but simply deal with the lives of the characters.


I've got Bleak House down for the classics challenge I am participating in but I am not sure how I am going to finish it in time as I haven't even started it yet! I wanted to read it because I have read other Dickens and have enjoyed them (particularly Great Expectations) but I have always steered away from Bleak House because of it's size - not very fair to it really!
I read The Cazalet Chronicles when I was a teenager (many years ago!) and I remember loving them - I might have to re-visit them again.


Oolookitty--I did read the intro and it was mentioned that he and Angela Thirkell were siblings--very interesting. It sounds like there was just a tad bit of sibling rivalry or a touch of jealousy, too. I have The Little Ottleys--I must pull that one out, too!
Litlove--I think Dickens was the bane of your high school years!! I'm not sure if I could have handled something like Bleak House at 16 or so!! I do have Slipstream, and I think you are going to tempt me to read it alongside. Just a whiff of a suggestion and I am a pushover for starting new books! :)
Marg--I'm worse than you are--when I read about the series in a book catalog (sadly now defunct!) I went and bought the whole series (at the time there were maybe 25), as they had a special deal to buy the whole lot. I've been very slow about getting to them, though.
Dorothy--I've just got the faintest recollection of watching the BBC production. Is this the one where a man basically ignites (can't think of the proper word)? Dickens always seems to have memorable characters and occurrences!
Jenclair--I can't wait to get going on Bleak House! And I read the first three of the Cazalets and then never got to the fourth one. I guess I'll just start from scratch now.
Stefanie--Studying on vacation is a serious bummer, though I am sure you'll appreciate a good grade later! Maybe you can squeeze in a little pleasure reading?
Lisa--A Fortnight in September was very much like that, and when I saw Greenery Street was mentioned as being similar I thought that had to be the one for me. I also like nice, quiet books like that.
Karen--I was going to try and read Great Expectations first, but I decided that was attempting just a little too much at once. The chapters for Bleak House look fairly short though, so maybe it will be a nice, steady read. Good luck getting it done. This one I fully expect to carry over into next year. I remember reading the first three books of the four Cazalet Chronicles, but the details have long since faded from my mind. I think it will be like reading the books anew! I'm looking forward to it.


After reading Great Expectations this year I'd definitely read another Dickens. I may just wait until next year :)

Isn't it funny how we can get so excited about which books to read next? Always happens to me when I'm so close to finishing up books.


Many years ago -more than 10? I read the Cazalet books. I loved them.


Iliana--You did your Dickens duty this year I'd say! Last year I read David Copperfield, so I think I'm due for something else by him. And I am constantly thinking of 'what's next'.
Tara--I think it must have been perhaps 8-10 years ago. Maybe a bit less. I started reading the first one and I don't recall any of it so far. How sad to think of all those books I've read anf forgotten. No doubt as I go more will seem familiar. This time I hope to read the fourth one, too, which I fizzled out on the first time around.

Simon T

Greenery Street is great fun! Read it over four years ago now, and much enjoyed it.


Simon--It was a good choice for my mood as I am really loving it--a very fun read indeed. I love the tone the writer takes--playful with his characters and with the reader as well! As a matter of fact I am hoping to get caught up with computer things soon, so I can go and read for a while!

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