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Great review! So would you consider The Fortnight to be your favorite Persephone?

I've only read three Persephone titles so far--Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, The Victorian Chaise Longue, and Someone at a Distance, and Miss Pettigrew is by far my favorite of the three.


Interesting review ! Every Persephone sounds great, I might just save myself the trouble of pretending to be undecided and just go buy them all.
I can see you haven't read my two very favourite Persephones : Saplings and The Home-Maker. Dorothy Whipple's short stories are also excellent.
Love reading you :)


Do you have the new Persephone newsletter? You get namechecked in it!

Dorothy W.

Well, I definitely haven't read enough Persephones -- just one, in fact (Doreen), unless I read one of their novels in a different edition. I'm sure I would like them too -- this story sounds charming.


Great review of a really terrific book, Dani. How I loved the Cuddy! I agonized with them while they made the decision to rent it, and rejoiced at how successful it was. Of course I spent some time looking online at pictures of beach huts, trying to choose the right one for them.


Thank you for this wonderful review. It sounds like a book I would really, really love. I'll add it to my next Persephone order. Thanks again!


Lovely review! I read my copy last September. For me Miss Pettigrew is up next, because it takes place on a dreary November day and I like to read with the seasons.

About Every Eye: today I succumbed and ordered a copy from the Book Depository, as it was the only Persephone book on my wish list still under £10 there (Tell It to a Stranger, £9 only a few weeks ago, was now suddenly £11).


This sounds like a delightful book and one I should certainly look out for. You'll be horrified to know that I have yet to read a Persephone title, Danielle! Not from lack of interest, but only because of an overstacked tbr pile!


Joanna--It's so hard to choose a favorite. I think I've read about seven Persehones so far and enjoyed them all, but I think my very favorite so far is Richmal Crompton's The Family Roundabout. Still I've really liked everything I've read and would recommend them all.
Sibylle--They all do sound good and I am working on collecting them all, but it is going to take a while since I can only afford a few at a time. I just ordered Saplings though. I had a hard time deciding and it was between that one and The Homemaker. My library has a non-Persephone edition of the Homemaker, though, so I opted for the other one in order to be able to read them both!
Kimbofo--I do get the newsletter and I noticed that Nicola took a blurb from one of my reviews--I was quite surprised to see it! It's my favorite Persephone so far, so that was quite nice actually.
Dorothy--I've really been enjoying them. It is possible that you may have read one of their titles in another edition. I have read a couple in different editions (and they are just as good, though those dove grey books are very lovely and comfortable in the hand).
Sherry--You sent me a link to photos of those cuddies--do you still have it? I seem to have deleted it. I was sort of thinking this family is a little neurotic, but the more I thought of it--I would agonize over the choices, too. I really liked this story and will have to give it a reread next Sept.
Nan--Definitely give it a try--I really enjoyed it and was sad to see the holiday come to an end.
Lethe--Don't you hate it when the prices online fluctuate like that. I was very bad and ordered a few titles from Persephone directly. It is my holiday splurge a little early! Miss Pettigrew is a really charming book and perfect for this time of year. I like the sound of Every Eye and thought about reading it next, though in the end I chose one that sounds like a perfect comfort read.
Litlove--Actually I do try and stay away, too, as once you buy one, there is no turning back! They are so nicely designed and a pleasure to hold in the hand. If you buy one, you'll be addicted! If I was rich I would buy the whole backlist, but alas, I'll just have to content myself with getting an odd one here and there!


Oh what a great review Danielle! I wish I had a bit extra money right now to order some Persephones but if I do get a chance to treat myself this one is on the list.

Like you, I've yet to read a Persephone title I didn't like. I haven't read that many but I just know I'm going to find a good story within those beautiful gray covers. What gems.


Iliana--I've not read too many either and a few have been in other editions that I found in the library. I've yet to come across a dud, though. I would love to have the whole set. Sigh...

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