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I gave my leaves a miss yesterday as it was too wet and miserable here.

You have yet again written about stories that I haven't heard of before and that sound amazingly enticing, although I think The King of Elfland's Daughter sounds more my cup of tea than The Ghosts. And I hadn't come across Miette's site either - now I'll just have to go and listen.


Wow, incredible writing habits! Perhaps I should think up some eccentricities, although the one about publishing first drafts sounds a bit risky to me!

Hope you won the battle with the leaves!

Dorothy W.

I'd never heard of that author. It would be interesting to read from older anthologies because you would get introduced to new writers, and you would get to see who was considered worthy at the time (and see if it matches up to our view today!).


BookPlease--My husband wasn't too pleased about cleaning up leaves as our trees have not dropped all of theirs, but either we clean them all later or some now I figured. He grouched about it a bit, but he was very helpful! :) Someone recommend Dunsany's fantasy novel to me, and then when I saw the short story I decided to give it a try. I still want to read the novel, though. That's pretty cool to have short stories read in podcasts--Miette is very daring--I don't think I could do it, but that's great those stories are out there.
Litlove--So do you think those servants enjoyed enacting the stories? Perhaps it was a nice change of pace. And I can't imagine not rewriting either!! And the yard is nice and clean of leaves, but there are more out there that have yet to fall, so we're not quite there yet. Still, I'm happy to see a neat yard, even if it is temporary!
Dorothy--It is interesting to see which authors are included in these older anthologies--it goes without saying that there are not many women represented in this one, but I decided not to harp on it yesterday, since I seem to complain a lot about certain things. Some of the authors are in other collections I have that are newer and others seem to have faded away. I'll be interested to read more of those stories.

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