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> The folks at Henry Holt very
> kindly sent me an ARE of
> Jacqueline Winspear's newest
> Maisie Dobbs' mystery, Among the
> Mad.

[Linda hyperventilates...] :-)

Dorothy W.

Ooh, a new Maisie Dobbs! How fun. And how nice to have taken some extra days off to have a good long vacation. I hope you enjoy every minute of it! Sorry about the spam -- it definitely sounds like a Typepad issue, and I hope they get their act together! (And it seems like comments are posting very fast now.)


I've had a few issues with comments over the weekend but I thought it was a temporary glitch. Hopefully Typepad gets it figured out soon! Your mention of a new book by Harwood is exciting. I really liked Ghostwriter. It was creepy without being nightmare inducing scary. I will definitely be on the lookout for Seance!


Oh, yes, you MUST read The Seance! I just finished an ARC of it a few days ago and I was glued to my seat. It's even better than The Ghost Writer, in my opinion.


I did notice the last few times I left comments, the page sat forever thinking. But I just left it alone and eventually they showed up. Hopefully the problems will get worked out soon.


I have to admit I'm quite fed up with Typepad. I've started a trial with Squarespace and I'm really impressed with it. It's far more sophisticated than Typepad but there is a lot to learn because it does much more than Typepad does. It's a bit daunting but if I can conquer it I will probably be moving over some time next year.


spammmmmmm! Oh how I loathe spam.


'I sincerely believe there is an extra special place in Dante's hell for spammers.' LOL! If there's any divine justice, there will be.

Isn't it annoying, though, when upgrades cause such problems? Wordpress keeps changing things ALL the time, and I just get used to one way of doing things before having to figure my way around another dashboard. Sigh. I daresay they mean well.

The Maisie Dobbs sounds wonderful, and I've read and enjoyed Trigiani before. She is undeniably fluffy, but as you know, I'm all for that sometimes.


Lucky, lucky you with your new Maisie Dobbs book. I am still holding on to the last one for just the right moment! I have also had my eye on The Seance having enjoyed The Ghostwriter.


Oh please start the Maisie Dobbs book so you can tell us all about it :)

I can't wait until it comes out!


Sorry to hear about the spammers. I think death by a thousand cuts would be an appropriate punishment.

I don't think verification is too much work at all. It only takes a few seconds, and if the spam comments are bothering you that much, I think it's worth it.


Spams are so irksome. WordPress has a filter that blocks most of them. The few that it misses will end up in the moderation queue. Do you have similar device on TypePad?

Bride of the Book God

I am so jealous about Maisie! I'll be waiting for your opinion with bated breath (whenever you decide to read it)


Linda--I lucked out on this one, I admit! :)
Dorothy--Yes the comments are posting much faster. The spam is annoying but it would be nice if they could filter more of it out. And I am really looking forward to this break. I haven't had more than four days off in a row since last January and didn't get to go anywhere this year, so this will be making up for it--even though it appears the weather is going to be lousy.
Stefanie--Maybe their server was moving slowly--I guess you never know with the internet, but things seem to be moving at a more reasonable speed! I'm looking forward to the Harwood book, too, as I also enjoyed The Ghostwriter.
Katherine--I'm always happy to hear when an author's second book is even better than the first. It sounds right up my alley, so I might even have to break down and order a copy. Something to look forward to.
Jeane--I tend to be impatient and need to learn to wait better, but I would just watch that hourglass not moving....I'm glad things seem to be working better.
Sylvia--I'll be curious to see how Squarespace works for you and how it looks. I've had good luck with Typepad until this last round of improvements. I'm getting used to the new look behind the scenes, but some things seem to have worked better before they upgraded. That always seems to be the case, though. Is Squarespace a subscription service? I'm surprised I've not come across any of their blogs, but I might just not be very observant.
Jessica--It is one of my great pet peeves. I try and ignore it, but after a while it just makes me mad.
Litlove--I'm never very good at change, especially when I've learned to use something well and know shortcuts. I'm sure you're right that they are just trying to make things better, though I wish they would have worked bugs out first.
Tara--It's always nice to have a Maisie Dobbs mystery in reserve. The bad thing about getting the new one is I'll gulp it down and then have to wait for the next at least a whole year! And doesn't The Seance look good?!
Iliana--I'll be starting it this weekend. I can't wait!
Jonathan--Only if the cuts can be accompanied by generous amounts of lime juice! I know a lot of other bloggers use some sort of verification and I may be looking into it--I think most people are pretty used to it really.
Matt--Typepad also filters it out--at least some, and luckily they hold those comments in moderation as well. I can easily check the whole column and delete them all at once. I'd really be miffed if I had to search them all out and get rid of them one by one!
Bride of the Book God--I think I'll be starting it this weekend--as a little celebration for beginning my winter break! And I will definitely post on it.

Margaret Powling

Ooh, I must get this latest Maisie! I can't wait for the English publication, I will have to bite the literary bullet and get an American copy! I adore Maisie, she's such a feisty female whilst still remaining very much a feminine woman. Jacqueline's stories are well plotted, beautifully paced with super characters. Hope this series just runs and runs ...
Happy Christmas to you and all reading this.
Margaret Powling


Margaret--Maisie is a favorite with me, too. I like her intelligence and independence. She's just an interesting character and very believable. I'm interested to see where she takes the series--the 30s were such a fascinating era, Winspear has lots to work with. I'll be starting the book this weekend and can't wait! And I wish you a very Happy Holiday as well! Thanks.

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