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Congratulations for finishing this challenge.

I've heard that short stories are harder to write than novels, because you have to get the reader to the scene quickly.

A great short story writer captures me at once. I go into another world quickly, but I sad when that world ends.

Keep enjoying your vacation. Stay warm.


I'm so sad, I'm intrigued by this book and it's unavailable on Book Depository. I'll have to look into some second hand websites.

Dorothy W.

You've read an impressive number of short stories this year! It's a nice tradition to write about them every Sunday. Now I'm curious to see how your short story reading will proceed next year!


Isabel--The weather the last few days has been wonderful and most of the snow has melted I'm happy to say! :) Short story writers do amaze me when they can grab me write away and tell a whole story in just a very few pages. I'm not at all surprised they are harder to write than novels!
Darlene--Glad you finally found a copy. I think used ones can be had cheaply, but you would have to order it online.
Dorothy--That's the one thing I did manage to do this year. Had I not made it regular Sunday thing I think I would have let the challenge fall to the wayside. I will be glad, though, to take a break from writing about them anyway. I love reading them, but I sometimes found talking about them a real challenge. Still, I remember them much better after having thought and written about them like I did.

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