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How I loved this series! I can still remember all the characters clearly, even if I can't recall what happened to them, and that must be the sign of a good novel. (Btw - a tiny typo, Villy is Edward's wife, yes?).


Litlove--Oh you're right, thanks--It's Sybil and Hugh that are married. I mixed them up (how bad as I just literally finished it earlier today). Am trying to write too fast. You do remember the characters vividly. I forgot all the details as well, but could remember the families. Her books are so enjoyable! Now to finish her memoir.


...Of course I did say I was most interested in the characters of the women and children--it figures I would mess up the men's characters. :)


I've had this on my TBR pile since I saw the BBC adaption, and must read it soon Danielle as it does sound like a wonderful family saga. Unfortunately I'm eaten toad in the hole and I think it's best relegated to culinary history!


I loved this series of books. I'm so glad you're enjoying them the second time around. I only wish I could rustle up as many dishes as Mrs Cripps did in a morning - she must have started well before dawn! Btw - toad in the hole is good - but then we love Yorkshire Pudding!


I so want to read this series one day, it sounds like such a cozy read. I made Toad in the Hole in Grade 8 Home Economics - too funny!

Dorothy W.

Well, this series sounds great! I think I'd enjoy it, especially since it's such a character-driven book. I could lose myself in one of those for quite a while! It sounds like lots of people loved the series, which is certainly a great recommendation.


Sarah--The book is great when you get a chance to read it! What an odd name--toda in the hole!! Maybe it's an acquired taste?
BooksPlease--I'm looking forward to eventually seeing the BBC adaptation, though I wonder if it will pale in comparison to the books. I think the sausage part of the toad in the hole sounds good. And of course I'm sure it might also depend on the cook (I wouldn't trust myself to make it, but someone else might do a wonderful job). And yes, Mrs Cripps is amazing.
Darlene--It is a wonderfully cozy read--and well done, too! I'm surprised that so many people have eaten this--I thought it would be some quaint 40s recipe no longer eaten!
Dorothy--I think you might enjoy these books. In a way not much happens, but it's so intersting to read about these people's lives. I've heard many good things about it from other readers as well--those are always the best books!


I'd really like to re-read these someday, I have such good memories of them. I'd like to watch the tv program as well, which I've never done.


Tara--I can't believe I have forgotten as much of the story as I have, but just as well, as I can enjoy it all the more. It's definitely been a great reread. And I plan on watching the film eventually, too.

Jacqueline Damian

I read three of the books in this series years ago and recently came upon "confusion," the third novel, and loved it. An Internet search showed there was a final book in the series, "Casting Off," which I've just ordered (used) at eBay. It follows the saga after the end of the war. I agree, the depiction of the women's lives is fascinating -- I'm thinking of Louise, Edward and Villy's daughter, an aspiring actress who marries the wealthy, renowned and perfectly awful Michael Hadleigh. I hope cousins Polly and Clary do better. Thanks for your post!


Jacqueline--I read the first three books years ago, too. I had the fourth one at the time, but I just got distracted and never got around to reading it. Then I decided last year to reread them, but so far I've only read the first. I really must pick up the next book (before I forget the details from the first!). Have you seen the movie adaptation? I want to see it finally, which is why I picked up the books again. I also recommend Elizabeth Jane Howard's memoir, Slipstream--she has had a fascinating life as well and it's interesting to see the parallels in her work and life!

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