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Every time I hear more about this book, I like it more than the last!


I do like Dorothy Parker. I've just got a big French novel, out this year, that's all about the folk at the Algonquin club and I'm looking forward to reading it (although how will I ever fit it in??). Looks like you'll get to the end of this story collection before 2009!


I really like the sound of this book, one to keep an eye out for!

Dorothy W.

The story sounds very interesting -- I'm sure it was complicated for a lot of women to have their husbands come home from leave. It sounds like something that would be simple and straightforwardly good, but not necessarily so. That's a side of war you don't always hear about (which is the point of the anthology, I'm sure).


It does sound like an interesting story in an interesting collection, and more serious than the light verse and fiction Parker was famous for. I'll look out for it.


Jessica--It's OOP, but I think that there are used copies out there that seem to be pretty cheap. It's well worth keeping an eye out for!
Litlove--I like her wit as well. She sounds like she was an interesting woman. And I would love to know more about the Algonquin--you'll have to post about the book when you do get to it. I think I might actually get through the collection before the end of the year, too! :)
Darlene--This is really an excellent anthology. I love that it is all stories by women and there is an excellent set of biographies at the end and a good introduction as well.
Dorothy--It would have been hard to be left behind and then when the men returned for even a short leave it must have felt somewhat aritificial. She did a great job portraying those feelings. And this is a nice anthology for just that fact--you get the woman's perspective of war.
Sarah--This is one collection I can recommend wholeheartedly. And the story is a little different than you expect from Dorothy Parker. It's only the second story I've read of hers and I really do want to read more.

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