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I read this story last week, Bowen writes in such a way as to create quite the movie in your head. I thoroughly enjoyed it as well!


Elizabeth Bowen's novels are favorites of mine, but I have never read her short fiction. I will now though. Need to pick up this book!


Darlene--It's nice to hear from someone who also read the same story. To be honest when I first read it I didn't catch on to all the symbolism--and it is very interesting to read about that side of the story, but she does such a good job of showing wartime London, I would like to read more of those stories by her.
Frances--This is only the second story I've read by her--I think she as a collection or two of them out there and I plan on looking for them as well. I'd also like to read her autobiopgraphy, Bowen's Court.


Lovely review, Danielle! Made me want to go and pick up a Bowen book immediately. I find her novels really do not stay in the mind for long - I can never remember which of her novels I have read and which I haven't!!


Danielle, I actually winced at the part when the three took their turn in the bathroom! You just knew the flat was so tiny and with two people being strangers...yikes. Graphic I know but there it is!

Dorothy W.

I read Bowen for the first time this past year, and her novel Death of the Heart really wasn't a favorite of mine. I struggled a bit. But I wonder if I would like her stories better ... maybe I'd enjoy her more in small doses? This is not to say I'll never read another Bowen novel again, exactly, just that I didn't love her quite like I thought I would.


Litlove--I obviously have that problem as well. Usually I am much better at least about remembering titles (if not content). I do like her, but she is not really easy reading. I do want to read her autobiography, though.
Darlene--It all sounded a bit uncomfortable, didn't it? I felt bad for poor Callie, actually, how could you be so naive in during a war?
Dorothy--I remember your post. I like Bowen's work, but she is not really easy and the stories aren't particularly happy either. The stories I've read by her were good, though, again, not easy. I'd really be curious to see what you think of them! She's supposed to be a very good short story writer and yes, a smaller does of her work might be good really. I should try more as well.


Im doing my research paper in school on 2 elizabeth bowen short stories. I have to read them and compare and contrast them. I have picked the mysterious kor and the deamon lover, and information that you think might be useful to me is very appreciated!
Thank You

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