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Hey, I just happen to have an Oxford illustrated edition of the Pickwick Papers, from the library sale table. I'll have to read this story. Grub reminds me of the grave-robber in A Tale of Two Cities. I think the professions were at times related... ;)


Oh you have to , have to read Pickwick Papers! It is one of the funniest books I have ever read.
It's written with Dickens' inimitable style of humour and is never boring.


I'm so glad that you liked it Danielle. Dickens seems to like having people learn lifes lessons doesn't he.


What a fun story! I think I am going to have to read Pickwick Papers sometime!


I read the story last night. I didn't know goblins were the good guys! Or maybe they are former curmudgeons who didn't change their ways and now try to warn others?

Dorothy W.

Thank heavens that Dickens gave us Scrooge! Otherwise, getting irritated about Christmas wouldn't be as much fun :) How interesting that he wrote another version of the story -- funny that we talk about Scrooge, not about Gabriel Grub.


Sylvia--I sort of always have thought of grave diggers as more taciturn people, but Dickens tells me otherwise! How nice to have an illustrated edition--my little paperback had an illustration of the Goblin sitting down when he first appeared and he matched the description perfectly. I never thought of goblins as being particularly happy go lucky creatures either that make grumpy people see the evil of their grouchy ways, but again I seem to be mistaken! :)
Vipula--I don't have The Pickwick Papers--I'll have to keep an eye out for it now. I did enjoy the story, Dickens has a nice, subtle humor about him, doesn't he.
Darlene--Yes, there always does seem to be a moral at the end of the story. He was a good Victorian indeed! :)
Stefaie--I had never thought of reading The Pickwick Papers either, but I've added it to my list as well.
Dorothy--Yes, I don't think we'd appreciate Christmas as much without an occasional Scrooge or Grinch--it's always good to have an out at an overly merry time! Somehow Gabriel Grub doesn't have quite the same nice ring to it as Scrooge!


I'm not a Dickens fan but I like the story the way you tell it. If you could summarize his novels for me, that would be great, lol! :)


Litlove--You know with some authors/books a good summary is all I need too! :)


I think I might have the same illustration in my edition. The book says it has the original engravings by Seymour and 'Phiz' from the original editions of the stories.


Sulvia--I quite like these illustrations and wouldn't mind a nicer illustrated copy than my banged up paper copy (that I bought used). The drawings are classic!

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