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I keep saying I must get back to reading this book. It's actually back on the bookshelves now, I'd better retrieve it. I had no idea she'd been married to Kingsley Amis - a most interesting character by all accounts! I like the quote about not reviewing bad books and "a reviewer is there to tell people what they might like to read and why."


What a fantastic book review. I'm sold! To the list this book goes. :-)


I'm so pleased you enjoyed this book, as I really loved it I recall most vividly her trip to Spain with Laurie Lee and then her marriage to Kingsley Amis. I'd love to know which of their novels contains a chapter written by the other, but I don't expect I'll ever have the patience to work it out!


Have you given a thought to contacting her Danielle? A letter through her publisher perhaps, she sounds like a treasure. I hope she knows that.

Dorothy W.

How interesting! I didn't know she was married to Kingsley Amis. I can see that that might be tough :) The book does sound very good -- I think I'd enjoy reading about her connections to other authors and about her writing and book reviewing career.


Great review! You've made me want to read it and her novels.


This sounds really good! I had no idea she was still writing - thanks for mentioning that. I should check out this book, as well as her other work- I've read the Cazalet books.


BooksPlease--It is a hefty book, but once you get going in it, it is hard to put down. I'm sure you'll get back to it when the time is right. And that quote was wonderful as I feel pretty much the same way.
Joanna--I think it is still available in the UK, but you should be able to find cheap used copies if you're in the US. Definitely this is one to keep an eye out for.
Litlove--Maybe nothing has changed, or maybe it was the times, but I was so surprised that Laurie Lee's wife let them go off together and didn't seem phased by it. And isn't it interesting about the switched chapters? I doubt I could tell the difference either.
Darlene--I think Cornflower wrote to her after she read her memoir and she did write back--that would be so cool, though I am a little in awe of her and would be afraid I'd sound silly. I really need to read more of her work (though am enjoying rereading the Cazalet books!).
Dorothy--I wasn't at all familiar with Kingsley Amis, though I've heard of his books (may have to get around to reading something eventually). He sounds like he would have been a difficult person to live with at the best of times, and at worst....poor EJH! I loved all the literary references as well--how amazing to interact with people like Elizabeth Talor and Rosamond Lehmann (the first she found extremely nice, the second less so--interesting)!
Avisannschild--I've only read her Cazalet books, which I can highly recommend. I will be trying some of her other novels (I have a few others) now that I've read about the periods when she was writing them--very fascinating.
Tara--I had no idea either that she had written another novel so recently (another reader sent me an email mentioning it a while back). I think she hadn't written anything for the prior nine years, though. I'd be curious to read it as well!

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