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No problems here! I'm getting your posts in Google Reader and had no difficulty accessing this post.

Amanda A.

I hear you loud and clear! Hope you are enjoying Bleak House!


I've been reading you, too, Danielle!


Same here. I've been catching up on TV and giving the "garden" a hair cut.


No prob getting you in Google Reader or directly. However, I was trying to use your search function to add your reviews to mine and it goes into a technorati tags thing. I can't seem to search your blog.


Lurker coming out of hiding to say no problems here :)


Thanks all--I think Typepad must have been having a momentary hiccup that seems to have passed as I've heard back from the reader who wasn't able to get in. Things are back to normal--please resume your previous activities! :)
Sylvia--Are you finally snow free now?!
Tricia--Sorry--that search box is pretty much useless and I need to find something else instead. I try and use it myself knowing I have a particular post but not sure where it is and I can never find anything either. I'll have to investigate other options! Thanks for linking reviews--I should start using tags with the author's name to make it easier to find posts--will have to think on this one! :)


Nova--Thanks for coming out of lurkdom! :)


I'm not having any problems. :)


Thanks Eva.


Bit behind, but I'm accessing you fine. I did think it was quieter this weekend than some, though.


Letting you know — perhaps a bit late, sorry! — that I've had no trouble getting to you via Bloglines.


Litlove--There must have been some weird glitch, but I am glad things seem to be working now. Typepad has been acting up, so I wasn't quite sure what was up!
Lesley--Thanks--I'm glad I'm showing up in Bloglines!


Also letting you know that I've been reading you loud and clear (or something like that).

I also just gave you an award here:

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