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Affinity sounds so much more intriguing than the only book of hers that I have read so far, The Night Watch.


Matt--Her Victorian books are Excellent! You really have to read Fingersmith and Affinity. I know The Night Watch is going to be really different, which is why I want to wait a bit before reading it.


This does sound great--I love a good Victorian pastiche, and this does sound like a good one. I haven't read any Sarah Waters yet, but I have a copy of The Night Watch, so I'll probably try that first before delving into her Victorian works.


I'm not really one for ghost stories, and I have to say certain aspects of Fingersmith made me uncomfortable, but you this one sound like such an excellent book! and the cover you posted is so cool looking. I'm always tempted by books with great cover images.


I loved this book, and although I generally adore anything sent in London during the Blitz, Night Watch is actually my LEAST favorite novel of hers. I was afraid I wouldn't like this one as much as I did Fingersmith, but I definitely did.


Every time I see this one come over the counter at the library I want to bring it home with me. I'm going to resist until my TBR pile is a little smaller. This is me pretending not to read your blog about good books "la la la la la la" she says whilst covering her eyes.


I love those books that ruin others book for a while--or at least make it really hard to choose a new read.


Teresa--She really does the whole Victorian story really well--better than just about any other author I can think of. It sounds like The Night Watch is pretty different than her other books, but I still plan on reading it eventually.
Jeane--I like the cover on this one, too, it really fits the story. I do like ghost stories, but I think even if they're not your thing, you might like this one anyway. The 'twist' really works--I did have it pretty well figured out, but it was still satisfying to see it worked out! It was a bit slow starting with me, but as you read it just gets better and better. I think it's one I would like to reread at some point.
Kitty--Fingersmith is still my favorite, but I liked this one much more than I expected to. I thought it would be good, because she is a talented writer, but she really got me caught up in the story. It will be interesting to read The Night Watch, but I think I'll definitely wait a while and put a few books in between this read and that one.
Darlene--Think of it as something to look forward to later. Don't you hate it when you are determined to keep on track with your own reading plans and then someone comes along and writes about a book they liked and it tempts you?! It gets me into lots of trouble, too! :)
Andi--I was trying to read a library book tonight, but I just can't get into it. It's not that Sarah Waters plots are so fast paced like a thriller, they are actually fairly thoughtful and detailed, but you get so caught up in the characters and their interactions that you simply can't put it down. It makes it hard to read a book that is a bit more slow moving. I'm sure I'll find something good eventually.


Well, you've convinced me I need to put this on my wish list! I just started Fingersmith (almost 100 pages in and loving it), and I read The Night Watch last year which I really liked. Looks like I am going to have read all her books *laughs*


Sarah Waters is one of those authors who I know I want to read, but I haven't yet managed to.

I must admit that you have very nearly convinced me that I need to at least get to the Victorian novels. Of course, the only one of her books that I own in not a Victorian one, but never mind. I don't mind going to the library...again.


I'd been thinking for awhile that Sarah Waters could be one of those authors that I really love, but I hadn't gotten around to reading anything of hers until last week. Could have been the week before? Anyway, I read Affinity and absolutely loved it. I'll be reading Fingersmith later on in the year!


I've had this on my list of books to read for ages - what a wonderful review! I've also got The Night Watch to read, and have hesitated over it for the same reason as you. But I loved Fingersmith, and will certainly read both the other books at some point (when I can fit them in).

Jennifer Dee

I read this book when it was first published and I believe it was the first book that Sarah Waters had written. For me it is the best I just loved it.

I met Sarah Waters at a book signing of 'Tipping the Velvet' and she gave a lovely talk of her childhood on an isolated farm in Wales; and how she based her writing on Dickens. She was also a tutor at a Summer School when I was studying with the OU. A really lovely person and very talented.

Amanda A.

I loved this book and I'm so glad you loved it as well! I hear Sarah Waters has another book coming out this spring...


Sarah Waters is amazing. And it sounds like this should be the next of her books I pick up.


I have only ever read The Night Watch by her. I really need to read something else! I think I own another book by her, but I can't remember. Off to check the TBR pile!


I am so glad you enjoyed it! Fingersmith is my favourite too but I really did enjoy this one. I have read all four of her books (and happily have signed copies of them all) and eagerly await The Little Stranger this summer, which I believe is another ghost story.


I'm down to the last 20 or 30 pges of The Night Watch, and it's been a great read — so the fact that so many of your commenters tend to regard it as the least of the three books mentioned spurs me on to try the other two very soon.
Sarah Waters really is a very gifted writer. The scenes she conjures up of London during the blitz, and in particular the terrifying violence of the air-raids and their gruesome aftermath, will stay with me. So too her characters.
Plus there are so many intriguing unknowns about the characters and their stories that are so artfully revealed.
I look forward to seeing your reviews of this one when you get to it, Danielle!

Dorothy W.

Affinity sounds great! I have The Night Watch on my shelves and didn't realize it wasn't a Victorian novel -- but that's fine, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it anyway. I loved Fingersmith and suspect that I'll enjoy anything Waters writes. I can see being uncertain about spiritualism, so I'm glad you turned out to like the book.

dark orpheus

I was absolutely taken aback by the ending of Affinity. It literally broke my heart. Sarah Waters really knows how to tell a great story.


Happy Inauguration Day! How wonderful it all is — even for us Australians. We'll be glued to the telly all day!

Hermie's Mom

I am totaly with you. I've only read Fingersmith and Affinity, and Fingersmith wins out. Though I, too, enjoyed Affinity. The endings of both stunned me!


Wendy--I loved Fingersmith! Now that is a twisty turny book. I hope to read Night Watch some time this year, too.
Marg--I put off reading her for a long time, too, for some reason. When I read Fingersmith it was like 'why did I wait so long to pick this one up'!! Definitely she's worth a trip to the library for.
Michelle--If you enjoyed Affinity, you are in for a treat with Fingersmith! Both books are definite reread material for me.
Litlove--This is a great one to choose when you want a good book you can't put down! I'm sure I'll like The Night Watch, too, but her Victorian novels are just so wonderful.
Jennifer--Lucky you to hear her speak. I would love to meet her or be able to go to a reading. Why do I think she must have some great stories to tell?? I'm so glad she has a new one coming out to look forward to.
Amanda--Yay. I'll be preordering her new one for sure! :)
Claire--This is one I've been meaning to read for months. I'm so glad I finally picked it up.
Kailana--All this ralk of Sarah Waters and I'm starting to talk myself into starting The Night Watch. I also have Tipping the Velvet, but I should probably ration out the Victorian stories a bit!
Paperback Reader--How nice to have signed copies. She is an author who I will happily buy in hardcover as soon as she publishes. I wasn't familiar with her until she was writing The Night Watch, so was able to buy her other books in paper. I think she's also an author I will just buy no matter what she decides to write about!
Lesley--She really is a good writer. And it isn't just all plot, but her characters are interesting and well formed, too. How does she manage it? I love her Victorian novels, but now I am wondering about her WWII novel. Maybe I won't wait to start another of her books...I'm curious to know how she handles a different type of story as I expect there wouldn't be quite the same sorts of twists to it.
Dorothy--Although I do like ghost stories, somehow the whole spiritualist movement/seance thing has never been all that interesting to me. Waters does make it interesting. She intersperses just enough to tell her story, and really by the end it the reader finds out why it was so necessary. She's just a good storyteller and I suspect I would like any of her books as well.
Dark Orpheus--I could see it coming--at least I had a feeling that it would work out how it did, and you're right it was a little sad/disturbing. It almost couldn't work out any other way, but you get so wrapped up in the telling I just resigned myself to it. She does tell an excellent story.
Lesley--I only was able to see part of the festivities, but I'll be watching the news shows later tonight. It has been a momentous day and I know I sighed a huge sigh of relief. I know the work he has to do is monumental, but it's still nice having a feeling of hope that things might actually eventually change for the better! :) Glad to hear he is popular down under, too!
Hermie's Mom--Affinity was really good--better than I expected, but Fingersmith is such a totally amazing book. I wonder how long I will have to wait for the stories to fade a bit from memory so I can reread them!! And I was taken by surprise by the twists as well.


Wow, thank you for this review! I've had this for a couple of years and have never read it...but it's my turn to pick the bookclub pick in March, and after your rave...I am totally picking this!!


I'll be thrilled going back in time to the Victorian! Thanks Danielle! :)


She really had me going for a bit with this book too! I really liked this one, it's my second favorite of hers, next to Fingersmith of course! Her new one that you mentioned in your recent post sounds great!


Joannie--It's happened to me so many times that I've had a book for years and when I finally get around to reading it, I love it and can't imagine why I didn't pick it up sooner! I hope you enjoy it when you do get to it.
Matt--I hope you like it--and look forward to hearing your thoughts. I'm not sure if this is the one you're reading, but Fingersmith is also excellent, so I have to put in a good word for it, too.


Tara--Oops, I didn't realize the comments flipped over to a new page. She had me going, too, but I figured there had to be more to the story than what she was telling us. It was well done. Fingersmith is hard to beat, but she came close (though didn't quite surpass) with this one. The new one should be interesting!


I love this book! I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much too. Funny, I have two Waters books also waiting for me. I feel like I have to make sure to savor them and take my time. She really is a great writer :)


Iliana--I wanted to just pick up another one right away, but I think I'll appreciate it more if I give myself a little time in between books. She is wonderful. I hope she writes more Victorian stories eventually--I think her new one is contemporary.

Faith Joanne

I just finished reading the Nightwatch. It was so flippin' (I want to swear!) good. I wanted it to go on forever and ever. Sarah's books consume my mind and I think she is a fantastic writer. How am I going to wait for her next book ?! Please tell me, is there any way of writing to Sarah Water's agent to express what her books have done for me, without sounding like a stalker ?!!


Faith Joanne--Isn't she a marvelous writer? I totally agree with you. I expect she must be used to hearing from enthusiastic readers actually. I have yet to read Night Watch or Tripping the Velvet, but I have both on my shelves. Part of me wants to read them right away, but part of me thinks it would be better to space them out. I'm really looking forward to her new book that's coming out in April. I waited for her other books to come out in paper (but that was before I had read any of them). Not this time. Perhaps if you emailed her publisher (in the UK I think it is Virago and here in the US, I want to say it's Penguin) and asked for your email to be forwared to her agent? I imagine writers must be flattered to hear from readers who loved their books. If you do write and hear back from her, you must let me know! :)

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