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Wow! Did you have weird dreams while reading this book? Sounds like fun.


Darlene--This was a fun read--something completely different than I would normally pick up and read. There are actually some violent scenes, so it's no wonder I didn't have eyeballs rolling around my head when I was sleeping (the Dog Woman squeezes out the eyeballs of Puritans---this sounds terrible out of context, well, even in context it's terrible). But most of the images were just extremely inventive!

Dorothy W.

Isn't Dog-Woman great? She's my favorite part. Her violence is pretty horrible, and yet she's such an appealing, likable, understandable character -- nice how Winterson pulls that off! Yes, her writing really is a feast for critics, although I think that is where I went wrong with her -- she's too closely associated with things I don't like about grad school.


Dorothy--I think this is one case where not knowing too much about Winerson and this type of writing worked to my benefit. I didn't know what to expect and really haven't been exposed to this sort of writing so could just read it on a basic level for pleasure, though I am very interested in what everyone else has to say about it.


Did Dog Woman complain about the dirty conditions in London? Is this the ecological musings that you mentioned?

Sounds interesting!


How surreal! I think the violence maybe put me off it though?


Like yourself Danielle, I was pleasantly surprised by this book and its humour. I wouldn't like to analyze it, but I did enjoy it as a series of vivid, visceral and surprising stories. I look forward to reading more by Winterson!


This sounds like it would be waaaay outside my comfort zone, too, but I'll look at it anyway next time I'm in the bookstore. It may be fun!


Isabel--There really weren't a lot of details about place, though the Dog Woman didn't seem particularly refined if you know what I mean. The book was set in past and present, and the ecological stuff came in the present. It was an odd story really.
BooksPlease--Surreal is a good word for it actually. The violence was only in parts and I thankfully. While it was a little gruesome I think she was using it to make a point. Strange as it sounds it sort of worked with the story.
Sarah--This is the first time in a long time when I have laughed at something I've read in a novel. It was a fun, quirky story and I'd like to read a few others by her as well.
JoAnn--Yes, this was certainly outside my comfort zone as well, but sometimes it's nice to shake things up! It's definitely worth a look next time you're at the bookstore.


I read a review of this book a while ago and wasn't sure how I'll take on it. It was like some journey in a space-time flux: across the seas to find exotic fruits such as bananas and pineapples; and across time, with glimpses of "the present" and references to Charles I of England and Oliver Cromwell. It does sound very payful, and fun to read. I'll put this on my list! :)


Matt--It is an unusual book, and the group I read it with had mixed feelings about it. But it is so unlike the books I usually read I liked it--it was so different and playful. I'm not sure I could read a steady diet of books like this, but I would like to try some of her other books at some point. I look forward to hearing what you think about it!

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