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Kate S.

I'm looking forward to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" as well. I'm still waiting for my name to come up for it on the library hold list!


Ah yes, The Alchemist's Daughter, that was a great read! I really need to order some books from TBD to take advantage of a terrific exchange rate.


I just read "Behold, Here's Poison" and really enjoyed it. A really classic little British mystery.


Kate--I should have put my name on the library list as well, but as it is in paper, I splurged. I'm looking forward to reading it!
Darlene--Yes, that exchange rate is really tempting. I was bad and ordered several mysteries that I can't find here, so I should have a few packages coming in the mail. Then, I need to be good for a while, and read what I already have.

Dorothy W.

It's very cool that there are so many Heyer books available now. The ones I've read have come through book mooch and have been in horrible shape. I don't mind used books, but books that are falling apart are another story! (I was warned, I should clarify -- the person I mooched from told me about the books' condition, but I mooched them anyway because I wasn't sure I could get them elsewhere.)


My husband read the Stieg book and loved it. If only he'd had a copy in English I would have snagged that away from him. I'm really looking forward to checking out the Heyer mysteries. I can imagine that they'll be a lot of fun. Enjoy your books!


I really am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! I really enjoyed it and I am waiting very impatiently for my library to get the sequel in so I can read it!

I didn't realise that Katherine McMahon had a new book out. Thanks for the heads up.


Okay, so maybe it is an old book that I don't remember hearing of before!


Oooh lovely books. I'm looking forward to the Larsson myself so will be most interested to know what you think. I also got that Germaine Greer for Christmas, so I will definitely be keeping you company on several of these!


I'm interested in Shakespeare's Wife--eagerly await your review of that one!


I'm in the middle of IN THE WOODS and am torn whether to pick up THE LIKENESS or THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO next. Or something else may call. I'll get to the two mysteries before long I imagine.


Wow! I love seeing stacks of books. And how lovely to get something all the way from Finland. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about the Heyer mysteries -- I had no idea she wrote in that genre. Fun!


Dorothy--I've gotten some pretty bad bookmooch books, too. I don't mind when I've gotten fair warning and know what to expect. It's the ones that turn up fallen apart that I didn't know about that bother me. Maybe now that more copies of Heyer are back in circulation you'll see some nicer ones come up for mooch!
Iliana--I don't think I'll get to the Larsson before March, as I am trying to finish library books and a couple of others, but it is next to my bed! And the Heyer msyteries do sound like fun.
Marg--you're right--the McMahon is a reprint of an older book. Used copies of the earlier edition were really expensive, so I am happy to see it reissued. I'll watch for the second Larsson book in paper...that is if I like the first, which I expect to do!
Litlove--I have only heard many good things about the Larsson, so it should be a good read. The Greer looks wonderful as well. I like the idea of reading about Shakespeare's wife!
Jenclair--I hope to get it read with my other Shakespeare books and will definitely post on it here.
Kay--I need to get back to In the Woods (am trying to finish library books at the moment). We're on the same wavelength at the moment! :) I'll get to them sooner or later as well.
Lily--I think Heyer must be better known for her Regencies, but she wrote five or six mysteries as well. It will be interesting to compare. Stacks of books are a pretty sight, aren't they? I wish it wasn't so tempting to create them.

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