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Kate S.

It sounds like you've got some excellent choices there! I'm on a bit of a crime spree of my own. I'm in the midst of Jacqueline Winspear's "Among the Mad" and I've got Fred Vargas's "The Chalk Circle Man," Arnaldur Indridason's "Arctic Chill," and Alan Bradley's "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" ready to go after that. It's only February and it seems like it's been a great year for mystery publishing already!


"Malice Aforethought" is a gem of a novel. I love the narrator's gift for snark. Looks like a great batch of reading.

And Kate S. has another amazing stack. Fred Vargas and Arnaldur Indridason are among my current favorites, along with Karin Fossum, Asa Larsson and Louise Penny.


Ooh I really like those locked room type mysteries too. I'm curious about a rococo mystery though - hadn't heard that before :)

We've been on the same wavelength. Well, I didn't have a shopping spree but I was at the bookstore yesterday and jotted down a lot of mysteries I want to check out. And, now I'll jot down yours too! Right now I'm reading Aqua Alta so it's nice to revisit with Comissario Brunetti.


I just bought that Nicola Upson novel myself! Lovely shopping spree, Danielle!


Green for Danger sounds like it would make a terrific 'made for tv movie'!


Dorothy W. recommended your blog to me, and I'm so glad she did. I love mysteries and am looking forward to discovering some new authors from your site.

I'll be curious to see what you think of The Burry Man's Day. I read it recently, but won't comment on it until you have a chance to read it too.

Dorothy W.

Great to see you here, Debby -- I knew you'd love this blog!

Danielle -- your new stack looks good! I like "locked room" mysteries -- there's something so satisfying about the closed-off, puzzle-like aspect to those books.


Kate--You do have some excellent books going. I really liked the Maisie Dobbs novel. I'm very curious about "The Sweetness..." as this is the second or third mention I've seen of it, though I still don't know what it's about! Along with the Brand book I'm reading Tana French's novel and am contemplating starting another Simenon...The thing with mysteries--when you find someone you like you want to read all their books! And with mysteries that can be a lot of books.
LP--They all sound good. Glad to hear more good things about Malice Aforethought. All four of the authors you mention are on my list to read as well. Many good books to explore!
Iliana--I'm going to have to look that up this week! I'm sure I've read 'locked room' types of novels, though nothing comes to mind right now, which is why Green for Danger sounds so good. I need to get back to Donna Leon's books too. I've read a handful of them and really enjoyed them.
Litlove--I was going to start with the Upson, but changed my mind. I'll get to it soon enogh however. I'm sure it will make me want to read Josephine Tey books next!
Darlene--You know, I think they actually did make it into a movie--will have to check out the book blurb again,though!
Debby--That was nice of Dorothy, I'm glad she steered another mystery fan over here. I'm always happy to take suggestions from readers as well, so you'll have to share whatever good books you're reading as well. I read the first Catriona McPherson book a few years ago, and just ahven't gotten around to her newer books. Now that I have them in paper, I'll get to them eventually.
Dorothy--I think that's why I like mysteries, seeing how everything is explained and pieced together, though I am usually pretty lazy and let it all be revealed to me!

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