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I am going to order this RIGHT NOW. I think there are many fine European writers who're turning out interesting, literate, highly readable mysteries. She sounds like one of them. (And now I have to stay away from your blog for a while or I won't be able to keep afloat financially.)


I really want to read this one. I haven't read any crime fiction from Spain so I'm curious too and Barcelona as a setting is a definite plus :)

Kate S.

Danielle, we're in sync today--I've just posted on Giménez-Bartlett as well. I began at the end with "Prime Time Suspect" and can tell you that it is much more plot-focussed. But I was so intrigued by Delicado and Garzon that I'm now really enjoying getting the back story on their characters and their partnership from "Death Rites."


I've also decided to no longer limit my reading to books written in English. Inspired by your posts on 'Les Misérables' last year, I bought myself some French classics. I'm tackling 'The Count of Monte Cristo' at the moment.


I had never even heard of this author before now. You do have such a gift for making books sound irresistible, Danielle! I'll look out for her over here.


Whenever I go through one of those lists of "books everyone must read," I notice the gaping lack of books from Spain and Latin America. This looks like a good place to start!


Lily--I hope you do get to read her and that you enjoy her as much as I did. I think there really is a lot of good, international crime/mystery writers out there who should be discovered by American audiences!
Iliana--I'd like to read more foreign crime writers (and not just Scandinavian ones--though some of them as well!). I look forward now to seeing how these two detectives grow into their roles and hopefully hearing more about Spain!
Kate--I wonder if in this case it is almost better to start with one of her later books as the first is really much more character-driven. I thought it was excellent, though, and am really looking forward to seeing how they continue to work together as a pair! I hope Europa Editions publishes more of her work.
Ellen--I Loved The Count of Monte Cristo. I read the unabridged edition several years ago and thought it was great!! I also want to read more international fiction this year (classics included).
Litlove--I'm so glad I came across this author. I read about her on one of the mystery/crime blogs that I check in on. Definitely look for her when you are out and about--I'm sure she must be available in the UK as well!
Jenny--There is lots of foreign lit that I am lacking in as well. If I read foreign authors it tends to be French, but there is so many good books out there to discover. I hope to read some Latin American authors, too.

Dorothy W.

Those Europa editions are nice looking books. I've never heard of this author -- another one to keep in mind for my mystery/crime group perhaps?


Dorothy--They are nice with heavier covers that fold inward and nice paper. If your bookgroup decides to branch out to international authors, do keep her in mind. You might want to start with one of her later works as this one is not so fast moving at the start, but I still really liked it and plan on reading more. Also Kate S. has written about her as well!

Dorothy W.

I saw Kate's post and will need to read it more carefully. And we really have no rules for the book group, just that the books be mystery novels. We've already done one Australian author (Charlotte Jay). So Giménez-Bartlett would work well, I think.


Dorothy--I read so many British authors when it comes to mysteries, it was really nice to get a different take on the genre. I think your group would have a lot to talk about with her as well. I'm not familiar with Charlotte Jay--must check her out now, too! How far in advance do you select your books?

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