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Interesting interview! A non-Maisie, non-mystery novel in the works!

Of course, I'm a fan of Maisie and want to be in the drawing. Thanks, Danielle.


These sound a treat Danielle, please add my name to your draw!


p.s. - Danielle, she travels to the UK three to four times a year! Does she require an assistant or two?


My copy of Among the Mad is on its way; got the notice from Amazon today. Can't wait!


Jenclair--I thought it was interestig, too, that she's written another non-Maisie novel. I'm curious what it's about and hope she eventually does publish it. I'll drop in your name, thanks!
Darlene--I'm an excellent multitasker and would happily work on my atrocious handwriting to be an assistant! That is nice to be able to travel to the UK several times a year, but then I expect she must have family she visits. I'll add your name as well!
Linda--Hopefully you'll get your copy soon. I'm a little sad now that I read the book ahead of time as I have nothing to look forward to until next year now. Maybe I need to start rereading the books!

Pam Furry

Love that Maisie! Please pop me in the hat for the drawing!

Kristen M.

Count me in ... I keep reaching for this series and then something else distracts me. If I have this book, I'll be forced to get the rest because I can't read series out of order!

Nancy Dwinell

Hi Dani, Very interesting interview. I especially liked her reference to Maisie as the mystery. I've been waiting for this latest installment in the series so I'd love to be entered in your drawing. Thanks, Nancy D.

Laura Carroll

Thanks for the great interview! and thanks for entering me in the drawing!


You've intrigued me with your book reviews. Please enter me in the drawing.


Please include me in the drawing; I've been a Maisie Dobbs fan since Christmas of 06 when my daughter-in-law gave me the first book.


I love the Maisie Dobbs series! I met JW in Toronto; it is always a thrill to meet the author when I like a series!
Please enter me in your draw; I will have to wait ages to get it from the library. Thanks.


Nice interview.
Please pick me!
Thank you


Great interview! I'm definitely on the lookout for her books. (Don't put me in the pot though, since I haven't read any of her mysteries yet and I want to start at the beginning.)

By the way, have you read any of the other authors she blogs with on The Naked Truth about Life and Literature?

Kelly P.

Wonderful interview! It was especially interesting to me that Ms. Winspear does not read fiction when she is writing a book of her own. I wonder if other authors have a similar practice.

Thanks for the interview & thanks for hosting a give-away. Please enter my name as one of those most anxious for her next book!


Wow, what a coincidence! I just started the second Maisie Dobbs novel last night after hurrying to the bookstore as soon as I finished the first. I picked up the books because your posts inspired me. And now here you have a great interview with the author. I would love a chance to win the new book.


Fabulous interview! You know I'm a big fan of the series and I really liked what she had to say about Maisie herself being the mystery. I hadn't thought of it that way but it makes so much sense as she's really gone through a lot and her character continues to be developed. Oh I want to read this book so please drop my name into the hat! :)

Margaret Powling

Please include me in the draw! As you know, I'm a huge Maisie fan and have been since the first book and have blathered on about the Maisie books ever since. I really can't wait for the English editions and now buy the H Holt editions, but if you could pull my name out of the hat, that would be even better!
Need I add, a very good interview. Thank you for that, and thank you to Jacqueline, too.

Margaret Powling

Apologies for requesting to be included in the draw: I live in the UK and therefore not eligible for the draw. Boo hoo! Pleaes withdraw my name.


I enjoyed reading your post so much! How exciting to interview the creator of Maisie Dobbs. If only she had given us a little taste of what is to come for Maisie in books seven and onward...

Please, please, throw my name in the drawing!


Thanks for this great interview. I have seen these books around and haven't picked them up before but I think I will be adding them to my ever growing reading list now.


What a great interview! I don't think I've seen Winspear interviewed anywhere else so you have quite an exclusive here! Alas, where I live puts me out of the draw, but I'll eagerly anticipate the arrival of the new book in England.


Great interview! Loved your questions.

Winspear is so gracious.

Please add my name to the hat.

Dorothy W.

Thanks for doing the interview! It was fun to hear a little bit about how Winspear works. I like the point that the post-war period offers a lot of good material for fiction.

I already have a copy of the book, so no need to enter the drawing.


Many thanks to everyone for leaving comments and adding names to the drawing. I'll leave the comments open until Saturday! :)


Thanks so much for sharing this with us Danielle. I love the Maisie Dobbs books. I think that Jacqueline Winspear was in Houston yesterday signing at Murder by the Book. I wish I could have gone. Please do add my name to the hat.


Thanks so much for sharing this with us Danielle. I love the Maisie Dobbs books. I think that Jacqueline Winspear was in Houston yesterday signing at Murder by the Book. I wish I could have gone. Please do add my name to the hat.

Mike B.

Hi Danielle, please enter my name in the drawing. Great interview.


This is one of my favorite series! Lovely interview. This is one of the best mystery series featuring a female detective out there.
Can you add my name to the drawing?


I already have the book and I just finished it today. When I saw you had interviewed Winspear I had to wait to read your post until I was done, just in case! It was a wonderful interview.

Cate Lombardo

Hi Danielle,
I've had Birds of a Feather on my shelves for sometime and now, after reading that great interview, she now sits on my bedstand table, next in line! Please add my name to the drawing! Thank you!


Just wanted to let you know I mentioned your giveaway on my blog!

Riva Laughlin

Please enter me in your drawing. I LOVE Maise and can't wait to read the next installment.




I'd love to win this. I've never read any Maisie books but the interview definitely peaked my interest!

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