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I was at the book store this afternoon to buy a copy of Wuthering Heights. As I reached up for my book, I hear a young lady say to her boyfriend "you don't need to buy another book". I couldn't resist, I said "are you sure this is a woman that you want to be with?". Lucky for me they both laughed! She said that he couldn't go into a book store without buying a book. Well, duh...


Good luck finishing all those books in March!


Darlene--How funny. Sometimes it's hard being a reader when your significant other isn't one! Maybe he better know what he's getting into! :) I can't go into a bookstore without buying something, too!
Kailana--Actually three of those books should disappear from the stack over the weekend (as I am nearly finished with them). I won't get the Dickens done, which leaves nine. If I can get through 7-8 of them, I'll be very happy! :)


Wow, that's a lot of books to read in March! I obviously don't read as fast as you do. (So far, I'm average four a month, eek!) I see you haven't finished May and Amy... I'm looking forward to your review.

Oh and I totally identify with not-enough-hours-in-a-day phenomenon!


Avisannschild--I generally don't read as much as I have been lately. As soon as the weather starts improving, I think there'll be a decline in my reading numbers. I've managed 7-8 books for the last couple of months and I hope to extend it to one more month. I am probably being optimistic! Actually before I started blogging I read about a book a week, maybe a little less. This is also to the detriment of my needlework, which I've been ignoring, too! :) I've more or less finished the top two books (or will have by the end of the evening), so it looks like more than it is.


I read Darling Jim recently, and thought it was OK. Good luck in reading all of these books! I've got a large TBR stack growing as well.


I see "In the Woods" there :)

Have fun with blog & book reading. It's so easy to fall behind isn't it? I haven't done much reading this weekend yet but hopefully tomorrow.


As I went to your blog I was wondering how you manage to do all the reading you do and keep a blog going with so many regular and interesting posts, and there you are saying you don't have enough time to do all you want to!! I'm glad its not just me chasing my tail!


Those books look so toothsome! And that is such a cute cuddly guarding the Shakespeare! :) I do agree - there aren't enough hours in the day. Usually I read blogs first thing in the morning, when my son and husband have left and I'm waking up. But if for some reason I don't, then I'm behind all week.

Dorothy W.

I get behind on my blog reading during the week too -- I'm sure a lot of people do! It's one of my fun weekend "tasks" to get caught up. I managed to read 15 books so far this year, which is high for me, but that's because I read a bunch of short books in January -- now I'm slowing way down. Oh, well!

Margaret Powling

I have Amy & May, but here in the UK the book was published in hardback in 2004 with the title A Profound Secret. I've yet to read it, but what's the point of having read all one's books? I love having books still there, unread, like in a library, so that I can browse the shelves ... on my night table, amongst other titles right now I have the latest Jacqueline Winsprear (Among the Mad), three Virago Modern Classics by Storm Jameson, Brian Dolan's Ladies of the Grand Tour, and the biog of Emily Post. The novel I've currently reading is the winner of the Romantic Novelists' Assocation (UK) romantic novel of the year, Julia Gregson's East of the Sun.


Katherine--At least there are more days in March than there were in February!
Iliana--Have you already read the French book--it's so good! Now that I've got a few other books out of the way it's one I'll be concentrating on.
Janey--Needless to say, I'm never bored! I've been reading more lately than doing needlework or watching movies, so I think it seems like I'm reading a lot, but it's at the detriment to other things I guess. I'm sure it will level out as the year progresses!
Litlove--The cat asked to be in the photo--usually it guards my book stacks. It's a bit silly, I know. I tend to read blogs last thing at night, which means if I am too tired I go to bed instead and the posts start accumulating!
Dorothy--Weekends are my catch up time, too! And several of my books were less than 150 pages, so they go much faster. Also there were some easy, cushy reads in there as well, but those always go really fast, so it's far more impressive than it really is.
Margaret--I bought Amy and May when it first came out in cloth, and am now years later finally getting to it!! I'm with you on calling my book collections a library--pulling what I feel like when the mood arises! Besides there are some that I own now that are out of print, so I'm glad to have them. Enjoy the new Winspear book! And I really need to check out those Storm Jameson Viragos. I've been thinking of ordering some more Viragos...Must check out the Gregson book, too! :)

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