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This is a book I've been wanting to read for ages. It does look great! I haven't read any of the Maigret novels either, but people keep recommending them to me. Maybe I'll give those a try someday as well.


I've always heard Maigret pronounced as 'Maygray'. And I really must get around to reading some of the books!


Teresa--This is a quick one you could probably easily read in a night. He came recommended to me, but prior to that I never gave his books much thought. They are addicting, though.
Cath--I've never heard his name spoken, so I was wondering. I was, of course, pronouncing it completely incorrectly in my mind! :)


I have The Blue Room floating around somewhere. I really think I am going to finally get to reading it in the next couple of months. I think! I didn't realise Simenon also wrote 'serious novels'. I always rationalised his quickness at writing books as a 'crime' thing, but I guess that's not true. Bummer, no more excuses for not sitting down and writing.

and 'maygray' is pretty much right :)


For the past few days I've been drafting a post about one of Simenon's Maigret books, struggling a bit because I'm not sure of how much to reveal. I want to say why I was disappointed with it but think that may give away too much.

Anyway The Blue Room sounds a much better book than the one I've just read and I didn't know he wrote 'serious' novels, either.


I've never read Simenon, which is crazy really, isn't it? But I can agree with Cath that Maygray is the right pronounciation! Your lovely review makes me think I really should try him out.


I don't like the Maigret books but I've read many of his so-called "psychological" books and truly love them. They are usually rather depressing but look inside the mind of his main character makes fabulous reading.


Hiya just a quick pop in to say I'd love an invite to post at The Slaves blog (you can see my e-mail below). Thanks!


I've read one of the Maigret novels, and while I enjoyed it, there are other mystery authors I do like better. I do hope to read more of his work someday, though.

The BBC Maigret series was very good; if you get a chance to see it, it is worth checking out of the library. The only thing odd is to hear the French characters sometimes speaking English slang, to be understood by the audience. :)

Dorothy W.

I keep coming across books here that would be good suggestions for my mystery group, and I have a feeling they might like this one. It certainly sounds good!


Estelle--I thought it was really interesting that he wrote his books so quickly. It sounds like it was an intense process. Some mysteries/crime novels can be very intricate, but I guess this more simple writing was just his style. I'm not sure how many of these 'romans durs' he wrote, but there seem to be a handful available. They seem to be more intense than the regular Maigret mysteries.
BooksPlease--The serious novels have a different feel to them than the Maigret novels. I have your post checked and saved in my google reader and will get to it this weekend (I'm worthless for blog reading during the work week). And it is really hard knowing how much to say about a book without giving plot away to potential readers. Considering how many Maigret novels he wrote, it's no surprise there are some duds in the list. I still plan on reading more of those, too.
Litlove--It's really hard isn't it--just so much reading time in a day (or a year) and there are always so many books you want to read and there are those you feel you read and then there are the rest---and you just can't read all of them. He's certainly a quick read if you do ever eventually feel like picking one up. Now I need to get the mispronunciation of his name out of my mind--I won't even say how I was imagining it sounded! :)
Nicola--Yes, the serious novels do seem much darker. I will say that though this one had a depressing storyline, in a way the ending was hopeful. Something I think I might not expect from most of his other books.
Jodie--Thanks for letting me know. I hope you received the invite.
Debby--There are so many great mystery authors out there, aren't there. I read someone and want to read all their work. Then I read someone else and want to do the same. I usually out the authors pretty generously during the year. I will definitely check out the BBC series. I also love murder mystery films/TV shows. And it is weird hearing foreigners with distinctly British accents!
Dorothy--His novels are very slender, but they do have substance. I think your group would like some of these international authors, and Simenon is pretty classic I think when it comes to mysteries. I know I'll be reading more of both the Maigret novels and his more serious books. It's also interesting to see how a Frenchman writes about America!

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