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Kate S.

This sounds very intriguing! I'll have to track down a copy.

Dorothy W.

It DOES sound interesting! It's great when books surprise you by being better than you expect. And a book in translation too. How fascinating that her real identity is a secret -- that must be hard to maintain since she is so popular.


Kate--It's definitely one I can recommend. I would love to hear what you think of it.
Dorothy--It was really sort of a strange book, but the more I think of it the more I put pieces of it together and am fascinated by her writing. How does an author in this day and age retain her anonymity?!


It's on my wish list (I have a birthday coming soon) and if no one gets it for me, I'll be ordering a copy anyway. Absolutely definitely on my TBR pile. Thank you for a wonderful review, Danielle!


I've had one of Elena Ferrante's books on my radar for a while now - can't remember the title but I think I first heard of it via BasBleu. For some reason this one you reviewed is really reminding me of The Seven Sisters by Margaret Drabble - have you read that? A lot of stuff on memories and what to believe or not. Although I didn't love that book it definitely left me intrigued by Drabble. Anyway great review, Danielle. I'm adding this one to the radar!

Georgia K

There is also a film of this book made in the mid-90s. It's called "L'Amore Molesto" and is available on DVD from Amazon. (It's on offer too!)


Litlove--I hope you get lots of good books for your birthday (or at least a gift card or two!). I'd love to hear what you have to say about her work!
Iliana--I think there are now three books translated into English, but I'm not sure how many she's actually written. Bas Bleu has the best books! I'll have to check out the Drabble book. I love reading a book like this now and then--something to wrap your mind around.
Georgia K--Thanks for the heads up on this one. I wonder if Netflix has it--I'll be adding it to my queue if they do. I'd be very interested to see how this translates onto film!


i'll put this on my reading list! Ferrante is an excellent writer, whom I've just discovered, as you know. :)


Frisbee--I think she's pretty amazing as well. After seeing your post on her it made me want to pick up another book--I never did get around to reading The Lost Daughter, but I brought it home from my library this past weekend.

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