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Yes, I loved Greenery Street and Family Roundabout, too. It's so difficult to choose a favourite as there are so many good ones!
I'll be keen to read the Elizabeth Taylor biography as well.


I love Pesephone's books! I read Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day last year, and I received Dorothy Whipple's The Priory today. Aren't the endpapers gorgeous?


Is Lady Rose & Mrs Memmary in the left or the right pile? I read it one afternoon last weekend (review pending) and it is completely charming, enchanting and poignant. Currently it's my favourite Persephone with Someone at a Distance as a close second.

Influenced by your glowing recommendation I also recently read Family Roundabout and, of course, wasn't disappointed.


Dani, this has nothing to do with this topic, but I was looking through the travel books tonight at Borders and noticed a book called BRUNETTI'S VENICE. Since I know you like the Brunetti mysteries, I thought I'd mention it. :-)


I keep seeing these glorious photos of stacks of Persephone books and I wonder - are all those really yours, Danielle? I am suffering severe book lust if so! They look so gorgeous. I only own 2 Persephone novels, but they are very lovely.


My first Persephone was Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, but I am currently reading Gardener's Nightcap by Mildred Stuart, and looking forward to Greenery Street. Lady Rose, and The Making of a Marchioness, are on the "someday" list!


I wrote a little blurb about their anniversary too. I've placed an order for Few Eggs and No Oranges and even took advantage of the gift wrap offer for Mothering Sunday. It will look lovely in a photo for my blog! Saplings arrived at my house last week as well. These books are truly gems!

Dorothy W.

Happy birthday Persephone! I actually don't own a single one of those lovely grey editions, although I've read some of the books they publish in other editions. What a shame! I'll have to make a point of collecting some -- because they look great and because they are such great books, of course!


Those do look like beautiful books. I never heard of this publisher before, so I'm glad you've introduced them!


Cornflower--I've enjoyed all the books I've read so far that they've published. It's always so hard to choose, too, which three new books to order. I need to catch up on my reading before buying more, but I will have to buy the Taylor bio when it comes out.
Katherine--Are you in NYC? Can you find them in local bookstores, or do you have to order them online as well. Miss Pettigrew is another lovely story (and great movie, too). I've got the Priory to read eventually as well--it's nice and long, which will be nice.
Paperback Reader--I haven't yet read Lady Rose, but I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it. It's one I wanted right off the bat, and I really need to read Dorothy Whipple soon, too. I loved Family Roundabout and wish they would publish more of her books!
Linda--I had to look that up in Amazon--I think I will add it to my wishlist. I loved Venice and wish I could go back. Was it illustrated as well?
Litlove--Wouldn't they look nice all lined up on a shelf? I seem to have run out of room however. They are all mine--you can see exactly how bad I've been. At least now the dollar is not quite so weak against the pound sterling. I never thought I would love a book with a plain cover before, but these are so nice-it's hard not to love them when you get to hold one and read it!
Debby--I'm glad Miss Pettigrew has done so well--it must have brought them some very good advertising. I'm not familiar with the Stuart--sometimes one book won't appeal to me, but after someone talks about it, all of a sudden I will want to read it after all! Greenery Street really is an enjoyable read and must read Lady Rose, too!
Darlene--I must link to you as well, then! :) I've contemplated getting Few Eggs many times now--you'll have to let me know what you think of it! And Saplings was in my last order, too.
Dorothy--At least you've been able to read a few, so you know how nice they are. I've heard of people lucking out and getting one through Bookmooch, but perhaps bookstores here will eventually carry them (the "Classics" versions anyway, which are nice as well). They are nice to own and the stories themselves are usually very good, too!
Jeane--You're in for a treat when you do get to see one in person finally. Check out their website--the books are really lovely!


Oh my you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought you'd gotten all those in one order! :)

Persephone's are so lovely aren't they? I have about 10 and of course would love to add more to that collection!


I riffled through it. Did not see pictures; just many quotes from the books.


Lovely collection!


Argh. Sorry for the dual comment. It's some problem with Typepad. Sigh.

Simon T

Thank you for helping the celebrations, Danielle, and pointing people in my direction! They were so wise to make the uniform look, as it makes me so desperately want to own them all... I'm really looking forward to the Elizabeth Taylor biog (though have only actually read one book by ET) and next on my list to read is Cheerful Weather For The Wedding.


Iliana--Imagine getting all those in the mail at once! :) It would be fun, but my credit card wouldn't survive I think. It's taken me about three years to accumulate those. I know I should read what I have first, but I have this fear they'll go out of print before I have them all. I order three at a time a few times a year, so it's going to take me a while to collect them all.
Linda--I will look for it at the bookstore. It could be fun if it has maps. As I am behind in reading the series I could use it while I'm reading the books to orient myself. Or I could just plan a trip to
Sylvia--They really are gorgeous. I know Kindles are really a big deal right now, but I would much rather hold one of these while reading than a little mechanical device! And sorry about the duplications--I have that problem as well. The little circle (or hourglass) seems to be working and working and you just don't trust it. Typepad is still really irritating me, but that's another story entirely.
Simon--I couldn't resist when you posted. I didn't realize it were their anniversary. I'm surprised there wasnt something on their website, or did I miss it? I loved reading your posts (which I have saved in Google reader for later commenting). Lucky you to have all those newsletters. I've only got about four or five (very dog eared and scruffy from dragging with me when I first get them). And I've only read two of ET's novels and a few of her short stories, but that's enough to know I want to read more about and by her! I'm not sure which Persephone I'll pick up when I finish the McKail. Maybe a Dorothy Whippple novel? It's hard to decide!


That's interesting that you've been getting duplicates too. I put in a help ticket and they didn't say it was a known issue, they just asked me a whole bunch of questions about what I was doing on my computer at the time. It's just getting so tiring dealing with the never ending bugs in their new system. It's been a fiasco and they refuse to admit it. If they don't get their act together soon I am going to seriously consider moving to self-hosted Wordpress.


Sylvia--I've also been having lots of problems, too. One of my biggest pet peeves is their spell check no longer works. Does it work for you? When I sent a help ticket they hadn't a clue and asked me which words were wrong. I don't know if it's because I'm using IE (though why would that matter), but when I hit the spell check button it highlights in yellow sections of words and words that are totally correct. And the suggestions it makes is ludicrous. I was annoyed by their response, so I haven't replied because the whole thing is a mess and it isn's just a few words. I've had other readers email me telling me that can't comment--either they simply no longer could or they thought it wasn't working as the little circle would just keep going round and round (though the comment would end up being there). You'd think with a subscription service, which is not cheap (!) it would work better! I wish they'd fix the bugs as well (it worked better before their upgrade). I only hate the idea of setting up my blog all over again and am concerned I would lose all my old content.


Oh yes, the new spellcheck is terrible. I don't even bother composing in Typepad any more. I now use Windows Live Writer, which can be used with just about any blog platform. It's really a breath of fresh air after fighting with Typepad. It works and it's laid out beautifully. I highly recommend it. Very easy to set up and use, and it's free.

I'm like you—it kills me that I'm paying for such a buggy service. Unfortunately it is hard to move a blog. It's almost worth it to hire someone to do it! I think it's not too difficult to move the text, but images probably have to be done by hand. On the other side, I did find one web host that uses renewable energy! That would be cool to be a part of. Websites do use a lot of energy, we just don't know about it because we can't see it.


Sylvia--I need to check the Windows Live Writer. It can be frustrating to work in Typepad sometimes--which is really pretty sad when you pay for it (and have to compose somewhere else!). Thanks for the heads up. I had no idea (though shouldn't be surprised) that websites use so much energy. Too bad everyone online wouldn't use renewable energy. Someday maybe.

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