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Well, I am so glad you liked this as I have it in the TBR stack! I'm really looking forward to reading more in this series. Aren't these fancy covers great? They appeal to me so much more than the mass market paperbacks - sad but true.


There's nothing for it - I must read Laurie King! :-) I'm also interested in Bill Bryson on Shakespeare, and was wondering whether that was a book you'd include in your Shakespeare project. But I hear you about the catching up - I feel exactly the same!

Nancy Dwinell

Dani,your Postal Reading group book sounds very interesting. I'll have to see if it has been published in the US. I also love Bill Bryson so I'm adding his take on Shakespeare to my (very long) list. Thanks! Nancy D.


I've ordered the Beekeeper's Apprentice after hearing good things about it. I'm glad you explain in your post about this being more of a "getting you oriented" type of book. I know I should probably understand that more when reading books that are set to be series from the beginning, but sometimes I forget.


The Bryson Shakespeare book is well worth reading--respectful of the bard, insightful regarding bardaholics over the centuries, and hilarious regarding the conspiracy theorists (i.e., those who claim Shakespeare didn't author the plays).

Hope you get the chance to enjoy it soon.


Tara--Unfortunately I have mostly the older mass market paperbacks, but these covers were nicer, so I snagged it instead. I momentarily thought about buying the new ones and getting rid of the mass markets but then thought that was really silly and not economical. Oh well, they read the same! If you enjoyed the first, I think you'll really like the second. The first one was a slow read for me, but I zipped through this one!
Litlove--I really do want to read the Bryson, I've heard good things about it, but I couldn't face starting it (a new one for me!) yesterday. And the Laurie King mysteries are good if you get a chance to read one. I'm not a big Sherlock Holmes fan, but I do like his character in the books--but most especially Mary Russell.
Nancy--I really enjoy that postal reading group and always look forward to the new books coming in the mail! This one is really very different than the previous ones, but I'm looking forward to it. I can't remember if I saw it on Amazon, but you might also check for used copies, too.
Lisa--Sometimes first novels (or first books in a series) are wonderful, but sometimes it seems like the author needs time to get things going. The first Laurie King novel was good, but it took me a while to read as there was not one big mystery, smaller cases only. It's good to read it first to get the background story, but the second book really is more your standard detective story. I try and always give a mystery author several chances if the first one hasn't really grabbed me--often they get better as they go.
Jane--That sounds really fun actually. I think it will be a good place to start with something biographical. I know so much of his life is supposition, so this sounds like a good overview! Maybe I'll start next Sunday! :)

Dorothy W.

I need to get reading! Your mention of the Zweig book is motivating me -- I need to read that one AND my Chester Himes novel for my mystery group, and both are due at or next the end of the month -- which is not far away! I'm really looking forward to the Zweig. Hopefully I won't have to rush it too much.


So much to read, isn't there? And isn't it fun? I get flustered sometimes when it seems overwhelming but it is a good kind of flustered. I began the Zweig book over the weekend and so far am enjoying it.


I'm so glad you like the Laurie R. King books. One of my co-workers recommended them to me as part of our work. I hadn't read too many mysteries at that point, but I feel in love with these books. I've just started Justice Hall. Even though, I have a mound of books on the nightstand, I always have to have my Russell, too!


Dorothy--I'm reading another book by Zweig at the moment and it's excellent. It's longer than The Post Office Girl, and the text is sort of solid on the page, so I'm moving slowly, but he's such a good writer. I'm hoping to finish by the end of the week (?) so I can jump into the Slaves book right after. And I have another reading group book to start as well. (This is what I should have been doing Monday on my day off...).
Zweig--Yes, too much to read and not enough free time. The age old problem! :) This is why I always have a stack of books on my night stand!
Ta--I dragged my feet at first, but once I read the first I was hooked. I have A Letter of Mary sitting by my bedside. I love mysteries and she's one of the better historical mystery writers that I've come across!

Bride of the Book God

Dani, there's a very good old black & white British movie version of Green for Danger - not sure if it's on DVD but it's well worth a look if you can, it's always been one of my favourites


Bride of the Book God--Thanks for mentioning this. I am really enjoying the book and would love to see it translated onto film. I wonder if Netflix possibly has it. In any case, I'll look for it. And this is something that would really be good in B&W!

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